Saturday, November 2, 2013

Valid attempt at Fall pictures // 2013

So I have done this a time or two or three. I have managed to take pretty good pictures of my fam on the fly. I set out on this mission to get a picture for our Christmas card (since we moved family pictures to the spring this year) .. Ummmm. fail. Ugh. Not that I haven't failed before..but I really had faith in this one.

I really should have known better.. we all woke up pretty crabby, flag 1. It was right before lunchtime, flag 2. I now have two kids, flag 3. And when the first picture looks like this, you may as well throw in the towel.
It turned to this pretty quickly and I figured I could probably bribe my way into a non-bizzzaro smile.
Nope.. it just transferred to the baby. This shoot was dooooooooooooooooomed.
Chaz specifically asked for "a picture like this with my daddy" Although they look silly and the lighting is terrible, this is one of my favorites because he asked for it.
Ok, getting better.. there is a light at the end of the tunnel, right?
Put a baby in the tree.. great plan.
Now THESE a really do love!
Goofy kid.
Love this.. simply LOVE it.
And he smiles again. This day is like a roller coaster.
on top of it all... the hubs brought toys for them. Really? As if they weren't distracted enough just being six and two. Geez.
I think he is trying to tell me he is done.

Precious. One day his name will be on this UofA walk.
This one also makes me happy. I would have just walked by these but the kiddos decided to walk through them. Oh to be a kid again!
Mom.. can we be done? Please??
If I look really sad will it make you stop taking pictures? I'm hungry, you aren't happy, brother is being a pill and there is no way you are going to like the lighting on these pictures.. Promise.
annnnnnnnnnnnnnd attack of the brother!!!!
Love my boys!
Ahhhhhhhhh, not a success in any way.. We did not get our Christmas card photo, there were tears (mine) and we were in a cruddy mood until after lunch. Ugh. Maybe next year. Maybe next year.

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