Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby Howard is coming! // 8.2013

Some of our sweetest friends are expecting a baby mid November. I am over the moon happy for these two! They were married two years ago in Omaha. Remember this?

I was so excited to help host this special time with such a great group of lovely ladies!
We have such a good time when we gather with this group. They are all just so much fun!!
Kate and Destiny. Both preggos (D found out a short time before this party)
More preggos. Please do not share the water!
The crew!
Love these pretty ladies! Allison was such a good organizer of the event and Julie was sweet enough to open her home to everyone. Kate, just keep looking oh so cute there in the middle. LOVE THEM!
Then it was time for some awkward family photos. I prompted this one...
But this was all them. Kate's face is hilarious!
Love these pretty ladies!
I need to figure out a way to get them back to Arkansas. I miss this sweet face oh so much and when Baby Boy Howard is born, it will make it so much harder!
The boys, being boys.
Present time!
Even Jason got a special present just for himself!
Ummmm, I think baby Howard will be a Razorback. It is a must, right?  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of these soon-to-be parents together. Major fail!!
I love these two. We have been friends with Jason for the good part of a few decades (16+ years--Ryan and I actually both met him in college, before we started dating. Funny story I tell ya!) and it is great to see this friendship maintain the test of time, distance and simply life. These two are very good men and even better friends.
And they decided to do a preggo picture as well. HA!
Jason and his sweet sister!
And his momma!
Collier and Julie. Such great hosts!
Kate and her momma!
And her sister

Kate and her family! We were so happy they were all able to join us!
Congrats to you two (soon-to-be three) Howards!! We love you all so much and can't wait to meet that sweet baby boy!  (Technically, I am WAY behind on the ol' blog and this bundle of joy has since been born. More to come on that. He fully deserves his own post :)

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