Saturday, May 12, 2012

Touch aTruck...Fail

We try to do Touch A Truck every year.. Last year it was really cold and the year before it was rainy AND cold. So this year when the sun was shining and it was really nice we thought SWEET! This will be the year.

Uhhh, not so much. As you will notice in our first few pictures, Chaz wasn't having it. He said he was tired and it was way too loud. Oh mercy me!  I wanted him to get in this truck as it was Mr. Sam's old truck. My dad had been in this truck many a time so I wanted Chaz to see. He was less than enthused.
He was way more excited to see the Spiderman truck.
We thought he was turning a corner when we found the sand boxes but that was short lived. 
Every time he heard a horn honk or an engine rev he would whine that it was too loud and he wanted to go home. Ugh to the ugh. C'mon kid, this is the first year of good weather and you want to go home?? In his defense we did come directly from this but I really thought he was going to have a blast. Negative.

This little guy was having a blast. But unfortunately we couldn't share that good mood with his brother.
We were able to swing by and see the Razorbug and tailgating truck.
 We got to see a sweet canon. We thought it was sweet, the boy.. nada
We snagged some yogurt pops, which kept him happy for roughly 2 and a half minutes.
And that was all she wrote. He didn't get on a truck, tractor, firetruck, police car, motorcycle... nothing, not a single one.  This year, Touch A Truck fail. Maybe next year buddy, maybe next year.

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