Friday, May 11, 2012

Fletcher is 6

Last year it was this... now I have to admit that this sweet little guy may not be so little anymore. I also have to admit, I have a little tear in my eye when I think about how quickly this kiddo is growing (as well as all the others that surround me)  Sally (Fletcher's momma) look away because I can't believe I am about to admit thie....... He is a boy, no longer a baby. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, ok it is out. They have to grow, they have to prosper. That is life.

Now that I am a total emotional mess... We celebrated Fletcher's sixth birthday at Gymnastic Joe's in the NWA mall. Who knew this place existed?? Well, I guess I did because I saw it on the sign but I didn't have a clue what it really was. Have I mentioned I was a gymnast in my previous years?? If I only knew this place existed I am sure I could have knocked on the door and proceeded to tumble like I was 16 again.. and walked away with several injuries and many pulled muscles, I am old now.. Good thing I didn't know about this place :)

Yep, yep. Fletch is SIX!! Rocking birthday party with an awesome venue with a foam pit and floor trampolines (seriously, this is my heaven) If only I could have broke loose, with nobody looking of course!  The kids were crazy! In and out of the pit!
 All over the multiple trampolines!
They had a run trampoline where the kids could jump right into the foam pit. It was hilarious! I think I was laughing too much to get a good picture.

I love this. Steve, Fletcher's grandpa, was the trampoline police. He would make sure the kids were out of the way before the next one came running. He had quite the responsibility because these kiddos were insane!!
More in and out of the pit. I tell ya, people who come up with these theme parties are genius!! Straight wear the kids out. Brilliant!!
Do you see this? Do you see the chaos???
Will was probably the youngest, besides Chaz, but he was in it! He was just as, if not more, daring as some of the older kiddos!
This one, this one was nutso! He was having an absolute blast!! I love the faces!
He was in good company!
This one thought everyone was just a little crazy.. I think he was right..
Birthday boy (a.k.a. stuntman)
Disappearing children. Hilarious!
And then it was time for cake.... Nothin' better than a Phineas and Ferb cake!
This little guy was super excited. He didn't know he wasn't going to get any cake but he was still excited. Look how good he is standing (6.5 month)
And the gifts! What kiddo doesn't like gifts!
Six. Nuff said.
This is a little boy who went to the mall for a birthday party and then his daddy told him they could go buy candy at the candy shop.... and mommy said "no." Good grief. This is my life.
Now that we are over that meltdown... and yes, he got the candy. Are we ready for cake??
Happy birthday to one of my favorite six year-old little boys! I hope you got everything you wished for and all your sweet little dreams came true.
Fletcher, you are an absolute blessing. We are so happy to have you as a part of our lives. Your mommy and daddy are so super special to us so there was no doubt that you would be as well. Chaz thinks of you as a brother. I hope you only continue to grow your friendship and add in our new little guy. You are one of a kind and we love you very, very much!! Happy SIXTH birthday!!

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