Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

We started the Easter festivities the day before Easter this year. Usually, we stay Saturday night at my folk's and then Sunday is crammed pack full of family and eggs. Not this year. This year my parents were heading out on a week of vacation so we had to enjoy Easter on Saturday morning.

This little guy hasn't a clue what day it is. He is just happy as can be chewing on his favorite giraffe.Ehh, the simple life.
When we got to my parent's house on Friday night, Chaz noticed presents sitting on the counter. He knew they were most likely for him. As usually, and because I am such an awesome mom, I used the presents as a bribery tool (don't judge)  "If you eat all your dinner, be good and go to bed on time.. you get presents in the morning" Yep, no shame.
The next morning he was so excited to open the presents. The water-going Finn McMissle (or Finn NickNissle as he calls it) was such a hit!
Some new puzzles. He says he gets his puzzle skills from me. He loves to do puzzles and so do I. He also claims to get his juggling skills from his daddy (true) and his ninja skills from Dane (not sure how to process that one)
He kept digging in his bag and discovered some cool Avengers pens, some swim shoes.. .and then it was clothes. He quickly stopped opening and went to making puzzles. I opened Dane's gift so there aren't any pictures of that--he got some toys, clothes and books. He was super excited ;)
Saturday night the hubs and I decided to go ahead and hide the Easter eggs for Chaz. It was raining and the yard was very wet so we took advantage and hid the eggs in the house. This made it easy and kept us from needing to get up at the break of dawn to hide eggs. We know that day will come but why start now if we don't have to.  (Yes, there is a Christmas picture in the background of our Easter egg hunt. I just discovered my husband never ordered the cheesy school Easter pics.. I will get that done!)
Joint Easter basket for the boys. Chaz's side is Spiderman themed and Dane is.. well, baby.
We hid the eggs all over the house. Chaz saw this little set up and was very worried "Oh no Momma! The Easter Egg Bunny touched your pretties. I will leave him a note next time that says we are not to allowed touch the pretties"  Nice.
I can't get Chaz to wear a collared shirt for any length of time so I opted for the matching iron-ons. Yes, cheesy but still cute. We did attend church in these but our church isn't super stuffy so it didn't matter.
When I told Chaz I was leaving the stuffed eggs for the Easter Bunny, (or Easter EGG Bunny as he corrected me oh so many times) he said he needed to leave him a note. I assume this is because we wrote Santa a letter. Why wouldn't everybody get a letter? The Easter Egg Bunny was nice enough to write back and take a nibble of the carrot we left for him.
This little guy is pretty smart. He was trying to figure out how said Easter Egg Bunny got into our house and left all this stuff without anyone knowing. And if Santa uses the chimney, does the Easter bunny use the cat door or the people door? Hmmmm. All good points.
He doesn't care. He is just here to look cute.
and does a darn good job doing it!

He had his "hunting" basket (Thanks to my friend Kristal) Not that he could really hunt eggs. His brother was nice enough to toss a few eggs in his basket.
Yes, there was one in the fridge.
And several had money. Thanks Gaga and Papa for providing the funds to ensure we continue with tradition. I always had Easter eggs with change in them. Fond memory :)
Remember the golden egg issue from a few posts back? Well, the hubs and I decided to make our own golden egg. Luckily we had one in the mess of eggs but we were perplexed as to what needed to go in it. The night before we struggled. Really struggled. We wanted something cool enough to get him excited. Can I just say, the hubs is a genius. Here it is.. Hidden in his favorite fruit snack container.
Searching, searching...
Found it!!! "I found the golden egg!!! A golden egg, Momma!!!" He was beside himself with excitement.
What is it???
"SCRATCHERS!!!" Yes, my little guy loves scratch-off tickets. Don't call the law! A+ Hubs, A+!
Next we climbed the stairs because word is that silly bunny went up there! Lots of egg finding went on up there but I helped find so there aren't any pictures. I'll just tell you, it was a good time!
Again, he didn't care.
Upstairs, there was a silver egg (we didn't have two golden eggs) that had a note to go downstairs into the guest bedroom to find a surprise.
I heart his excited face!!
After our indoors hunt we headed off to a wonderful church service and then to the in-laws for more festivities. No slowing down for these Hills! Anna is just in love with this baby. Uncle Mike Mike kind of likes him, too! I mean, can you blame them?
When we arrived there were eggs all over the front yard. It was really hard to tell the kiddos "just to walk by and go inside. We will hunt them later"  I was actually very impressed with their control. But soon they started itching. Itching to get outside and hunt some eggs.
We drug them outside and made them stand... and look. Yep, we are those parents.
Trying to get everybody to line up for a picture is like herding cats. Good mercy me! I love this series of pictures.
I think we are missing one..... or three.
Wait, wait. Back in line!
But wait, there are more!
Sit still??
Smile? Take the bucket off your head??
Really? Bucket, off. Stand up.. Smile..
Ok, fine. GO! Uncle!!!!!!
Eggs everywhere! Kids everywhere!! I love this family!!!
The dogs could not understand what what going on. They wanted outside SO bad!!
Hunting..... and sharing. What sweet brothers!
"Are there anymore??"
Yep, her daddy is a genius as well. He put his coat down so Anna could dump her loot. Genius!
Baby girl gets some help from Mah. Thanks Mah!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummy little rugrat!
They had just the greatest time! Note: these are not both his. He was sweet enough to pick up Campbell's basket.
Wait, there is CANDY in these things!?!?! YUMMY!!!!

Eggs.. Eggs... and more EGGS!!
and the adults pilfering through the goodies.. My SIL was no better, I just didn't get a picture.
I love this sweet girl. She really holds a special place in my heart. You are irreplaceable sweet Anna. Aunt SaSa loves you!!! (Note: someday explain on the blog my nickname from my sweet niece!)
Dane was so into all the kiddos. He is such high energy that it is great for him to have so many wonderful kiddos around. He has no idea how good it is about to get! Sit back and relax little boy, you have many years of fun and excitement ahead of you!!!
Although I was a little (or very) disappointed that I didn't get to spend Easter with my side of the family, I am very blessed to have the other side. (Not that we really have "sides" we love them all the same!!) They are wonderful and with so many kids it is just so much fun, albeit exhausting! Happy Easter everybody. I hope you took time out of your day to remember why we celebrate this time. Thank you Jesus!!

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