Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eggs, eggs and more eggs..

I volunteered to stuff eggs for Chaz's school egg hunt. Oh my, what on Earth did I get myself into. This was a massive undertaking. Not only did I have to stuff eggs for his school (upwards of 300) but then I had to stuff them for him as we were not doing the usual hunt at Gaga and Papa's house (they were out of town) So here I am, the night before the big school party. Sitting on my living room floor with a TON of candy and even more eggs than I could have ever imagined.
I had a little helper who was happy to assist, as long as I paid him in candy. Ok, I have enough.
I told him that this year I was helping the Easter Bunny by stuffing the eggs and then I would leave them for said bunny and he would hide them. Yes, I lied. But isn't it all really one GIANT lie? Don't judge, I needed a helper
Part of my plan totally backfired. I thought I was being really smart when I bought DumDums. I mean, every kid loves a DumDum, right?  Probably so, IF they fit in the freakin' eggs! Now, to be clear, I wasn't dense enough to think they would fit in the tiny eggs but I certainly thought they would fit in the bigger eggs. No, not even close. I spent the next hour cutting the sticks. Note: My helper had abandoned me for bed. Can't really blame him.
But after staying up way too late and probably having a few more beers than necessary while stuffing eggs... I was ready for the big hunt. I went to Chaz's class with my big ol' bag of eggs. The kids were SO excited. Chaz is in the front with the black shirt
I went with Ms Andrea to hide all the eggs. Ryan met us outside and helped as well. I haven't a clue how she would have hidden all those eggs alone in the time allotted. Wow.  When we returned all the kids were getting in line to go outside. Herding cats, I say!
and then they were off. Ms. Andrea had made a special egg for each kid that had their name on it. We dropped them along the way to the playground.The kids were so excited when they saw their names on the eggs and very helpful to find eggs for their friends. Ms. Andrea is the best teacher ever. These kids are so stinkin' smart!!
When we made it to the playground Ms. Andrea had all the kiddos line up against the fence. It was like watching a bunch of caged tigers. Hilarious.

Ready? Ready?
Ok, ok.. you can go!

and then it happened. The Golden egg breakdown. Ms Andrea had hidden two golden eggs. Whomever found the golden egg received a bag of goodies. Chaz was well on his way to finding the egg (it was at the far end of this fence)
But Lily beat him to it. This is her protecting her precious golden egg. I don't have a picture of it but Chaz melted. He wasn't mad at anyone but really disappointed that he was SO close to getting the golden egg. Poor buddy, sometimes we don't always win.

Chaz sharing his eggs with other kids who didn't find as many. Yep, that is my sweet boy!
Checking his loot with his daddy. He was very proud of himself and rightfully so!
Anytime I am in Chaz's classroom, I love to look around and take pictures of the work on the walls. This was from one of my favorite books. If you have a kiddo and you don't know this series, you are missing out. If You Give a Cat a CupcakeIf You Give a Moose a Cookie. I could go on and on. They are fantastic.

When we got back, the kiddos were allowed to get one piece of candy and sit down to eat it. Can you imagine being four and being told...just one. Oh my! All in all they did great! I love these kiddos!

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