Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And so begins 2011 Randomness... January

My favorite post series continues.. Randomness. We begin with the Christmas take down. I didn't document it as I was just lucky to get it down in the short little time frame that I did. We now have giant rows of swag and wreaths hanging from the rafters of our attic. This is the first year I haven't disassembled everything so we will see if it helps out next year. Maybe I should take a picture of my absurd attic. :) Well, as I was packing everything up, Chaz quickly decided that the bears were his.. and he would put them where they needed to go......He picked all 9 of them up and began carrying them to the kitchen. I hadn't a clue what he was doing so I decided to follow him with my camera. It was quite hysterical to watch him try to carry all of these bears. He had them pressed so tight against his little body and his body bent in half in hopes of getting them all the way to their final resting point.
Which would be the kids drawer (you know.. the one with all the bowls, divided plates and nifty plastic animal shaped bottles from Gator Golf..yeah, that one) He told me that them needed to stay there, forever. I tell you it is now the 1st of February and I just removed the bears from this drawer, a month later. We cross our fingers that he doesn't notice!As many of you know I have a few innocent addictions. What we thought was my biggest one (buying celeb magazines once a week) has been overtaken by my daily (sometimes twice daily) addiction to a Route 44 unsweetened iced tea from Sonic.. Lets just say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
We were a little behind on getting Chaz in for his 3 year check-up but we finally got him in at the first of the year. We were able to see the wonderful Dr. Ball. He was super impressed with all the things Chaz could do. He said he had an extended vocabulary and spoke extremely well for his age. He was also advanced in his physical skills. He weighed in at 32.05lbs (40%) and measured in at 3'2" tall (45%) all very good. He received his HepA shot and FluMist. I have to say this is the first FluMist we have done and I was pleasantly surprised with how easily he took it. When the nurse came in to give his shot we laid him back and told him it was going to hurt just a bit (we haven't had to have shots since 18months!!) He made a cringe face and said "Ouch, you gave me an owie" then just as quickly he sat up, smiled and said "Thanks for my shot!!" The nurse turned around and said "I can say 100% that no child has ever thanked me for a shot, wow!" That is my boy!!
I figure since we just did the 3 year check-up, I will give you a quick little recap of some of the silly things my kiddo does and what he is up to these days
  • "You got it the wrong way" ~ He says this when we say something incorrectly--this could be incorrect or he just doesn't like what we say
  • "My feet smell like cookies and yours smell like PU"
  • "Friend cousins" a.k.a Fletcher and Logan
  • He tells us he doesn't want Tiger or Fester to go to heaven with Snowplow :(
  • Asks if he can go to heaven and get Snowplow .. Double :(
  • He has been to see his first Razorback Basketball game. 1/25/2011
  • He goes through the list of what we will do for the day: "When we wake up we will watch Handy Manny, when Handy Manny is over we will get in the shower, then we will get dressed, then we will go to Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby and Sam's Glub, then we will eat lunch, and after lunch we will go home and take a nap, and when I wake up from my nap Fletcher will come over--Yep, that is what we do today" It is rattled out just like this.
  • He still talks about the baby that was in mommy's tummy. Although, he still thinks it is there. "Mommy, I won't smush your baby." "Mommy, when is your baby gonna grow" *tear*
  • He says he wants a brother or sister.. Depends on what day it is. Note: this is not prompted, he just randomly says it.
  • "Actually" This is a way to correct us. If we tell him one thing he will say "No, actually........."
  • Decided he wanted to go to "I.O. Hooey." After much investigation we figured out he was saying Hawaii.
  • He is in a size 9 shoe and 4T shirts and pants (for the most part)
  • He decided most of our books are old and took Daddy to Barnes and Noble to buy new books.
  • He asks us to pause the TV when he goes potty. (WOW, who knew our kids would be so spoiled by DVR) When he returns he says "Ok, unpause it"
Chaz still asks us to take his picture next to toys at the store. He says "Email them to Santa for next Christmas." It is so funny but I have to say I like it because it is very easy to get out of the toy department this way. He has also informed us that Santa forgot the "plane thingy" aka the Imaginext air craft carrier. Well, there are a couple of things about this 1) he didn't tell us he wanted this until AFTER Christmas 2) he got plenty of me! Maybe for your birthday, buddy!
One of his favorite things is the "carwasher" so after his doctor's appointment and the trip to Walmart we decided to go to the car wash. Although he looks terrified, trust me he loves it!
We had some friends/family over for the Sugarbowl. (I will not be blogging about this subject specifically) The boys had a blast hanging out upstairs. Oddly, I didn't get many pictures. I guess I was having too much "fun" yelling at the TV.
Right before the Schmidts were going to leave, we noticed a bulge on Tiger's back. It quickly progressed into a gross mess (I will spare you the details.) Thank goodness Sally was there because I would not have been able to stomach it enough to help out. I only took the picture because I think it is hilarious that they bandaged up a cat. Do you think he kept it on all night??
The next day he was off to the vet and many, many dollars later he is fine. WHEW!
The next morning I came out of the bathroom to see this.. Yes, my child had decorated my husband with stickers. HIL-arious!!
Then I looked up above the bed and saw this.. What is it? Well, that would be popcorn in my beautiful candle holder. The night before we let the boys watch a movie with popcorn in my bed while the adults finished the game. I guess they were saving it for later. I also love the "bonus" sticker on the side of one of the glasses. HA!

One evening I was in the kitchen when I heard a VERY loud crash followed by a very quite "I sorry" and an eruption of wailing from my kiddo. I literally jumped over the furniture in order to get to Chaz. After I picked up my screaming kid...this is what I saw! See, I have a vase in the powder room. This vase holds the hand towel and usually has rocks in the bottom (or ornaments for Christmas) I had not put the rocks back in after cleaning up the Christmas decor so when Chaz went to get the hand towel.....CRASH!!! Ugh, mom of the year award right here folks! He wasn't injured but it scared the crap out of him (and me) After he was calm he did say "Oh no, Mommy! We are going to have to take all that glass to Papa so he can fix it" HA! I have to say, I am not sure what took us so long but we have struck GOLD!! What is it you might ask?? A portable DVD player. Now, to be clear, I am not the mom that just plops my kiddo in front of the T.V. and considers it a babysitter but I AM the mom who enjoys going out to eat after a long day at work. This is to be an enjoyable time for the entire family, right? Well, it has been a little hard with Captain Wiggle Pants. Chaz is a great kid but he is just really busy. I am not making excuses... promise. He just really likes to see what is going on. Have you met his father?? Anyways, this little piece of joy is fantastic. Chaz loves it, I love it, he eats, my husband and I get to eat and we all leave in a better mood. Happy times!I have said this many, many times. I heart our neighborhood. One of the best things is the deer. There are a TON of them. They just roam free up here is it is just beautiful. Oh, and so far they have stayed clear of my hostas!! This is outside our front window.
In the same breath that I say I heart my neighborhood I show you this.. THIS is our hill. (Note: I am posting this blog after being trapped in my house for 3 days due to ice/snow at the beginning of February --separate post to come) This was the view one morning as I left for work. Needless to say, I will wait an hour or so next time. YIKES!!!

One of my favorite new adds for 2011 is my LOVELY new, red rug in my living room. This was a Christmas gift of the North Carolina Hills --Thanks Brad, Michelle, Brady, Sydney and Madilyn!! I love it! Notice my hubs with his feet kicked up on the ottoman. and then it was time for a haircut from our favorite hairdressers EVER!! Thanks Meme!

After my wreath success of Christmas I decided to keep it going with a Valentine's Day wreath. I heart it! (pun totally intended!) It is so loved that I made one for my momma as well. She hearts it, too! (I just couldn't resist that one!)Before the first "real" snow of the year came we headed out to Boingo Bounce. Gotta get that energy out before we are trapped for days. It was a down and dirty, crazy fun trip! I only got a few pics on my phone..I guess this is now necessary every time we go here.. Too fun!!Chaz "broders" on the bed. Aren't they cute?!?!I'm not sure what he was trying to do this day but I do know this face. That is the face of negotiation..
And these are the obstacles I have to go through every night. As if the bike wasn't enough, there are a thousand little green army men. Have you ever stepped on one of these little guys??

Happy January!! Hope you enjoyed the random look into our lives.

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