Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chaz's first Razorback Basketball game.

Our wonderful friends Mike and Destiny invited us to the Razorback game -- Chaz's first game. We weren't sure how it would work out (it was RIGHT in the middle of naptime) but we were willing to wing it. Chaz was very, very excited. Not only would this be his first game but he loves Uncle Mike Mike and Aunt Dezzie. We met up for lunch at Feltner Bros. If you haven't tried this place it is a MUST! Then we were off to the game. Tickets-Check.Cute little baby Razorback T-shirt - Check. Fruit snacks-Check. Destiny was amazed by all the "extras" I had stashed away in my coat. Fruit Snacks, Pez--complete with Toy Story Hamm dispenser, Weird ball toy from McDonald's that he loves, more fruit snacks, mini cookies, chapstick and the always necessary tissue. She is due with her first little one in April. She will understand the "necessities" soon. Chaz had no idea what he was walking into but he did recognize Bud Walton Arena from his Big Red book. The first 20 minutes our so he was stuck to me like glue. You see, he is not a big fan of Big Red (our mascot) and somehow he spotted him on the other side of the arena. It took all four adults about 4 more minutes to actually see Big Red. This kid has an eye. He thought Big Red was going to come and take him, his words, not mine.
I love the intense looks from Chaz and Mike. They are into this game!
Those are excited hands!So, I probably didn't mention this but Basketball is really not a sport I enjoy. I loved this day because we were with good friends and Chaz had a blast... OH AND they brought out the Razorback football team, who incidentally went to the Sugar Bowl this year. WOOOOO PIG!! Now THAT is my sport!Best seat in the house!
and then it happened... We were in the middle of naptime....He became very restless. Note: more fruit snacks. We had a "great" meltdown. Sorry, no pictures of that. And then he was really tired, so we whipped out the trusty iPhone. Handy Manny it is!
and then, game tied with about 5 minutes left.....O.U.T! The crowd was loud, the band was loud, we were loud. I cannot believe he slept through it.
and in the end we WON! 70-65. I haven't been to a basketball game in about 10 years. It was a good time. Thanks Mike and Destiny!

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