Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May // 2016

Here we go! Are you ready for some May fun?!?!

In our neighborhood, we thrive on as many kids as possible in the same location! Bliss!
I was able to watch and listen to these kiddos play while I planted my flower pots. Such a fantastic day!
And sometimes when a coworker is moving on to bigger and better things, You do frozen shots! Sus has and will always be one of my favs!
I am pretty sure LP was worried the shot glasses were about to melt.
CHEERS friends!!
Love these people!
And then there are days when school is closed so your amazing husband takes the little tyke to Silver Dollar City! He was so pumped!! Oh and he totally thinks he has the best score.... easy to do when he doesn't look!
And clearly he gets tuckered out.
After eating a FULL pizza!!
And then it was time for the water guns. They rode a ride where they got drenched!! The hubs is SUCH a great dad!
He needed to dry out. Adorable.
And then his daddy got him a change of clothes, took him to the bathroom to dry with the hand dryer and read the map.  Although I was a bit jealous of being at work while my boys were at SDC, I LOVED getting the play-by-play throughout the day! They are just awesomeness!!!
Such a fun day for my buddies. I love these fellas!
The big boy and I went and saw our precious Riley Renee.
He LOVES babies! LOVES!!
Could they be any more adorable?
I forgot my big camera when we went to Campbell's birthday but I did manage to snap a few shots.

When you have managed to consume all the cheese balls and are contemplating eating the last one.
And you do it. Don't worry, the ones on the table didn't go to waste. HAHAHA!
He didn't want to skate so we spent some of the time taking selfies. He makes me so happy!!
This face.
And then he wanted his it all to himself!!
Love this big dork.
And the highlighter kid was nice enough to swing by for a picture.
Not to say he was happy about it. BAHAHA!
It took me a minute but I convinced him to smile.. Precious!
Twinning with the wrinkly forehead!
And shamefully these are all the pictures I got. Not even one of the bday girl or any of the other kiddos. Geez, fail. But I did get this awesome video of this dude.
And then your big brother goes to his buddy's house and low and behold, your buddy is there! Good times!!
And there is nothing like the sleeping kiddos in the car. #mysuperpower
He is my buddy and I love playing games with him.... even if the only smile I can get from him is this cheesy thing!
And  guess who's cousin taught him snapchat at the young age of four. BAHAHAHA! (Look at the phone screen)
They were so pumped to do this and it was hilarious to watch!
 And then your cousin face swaps with your baby and ends up making my kiddo look like a Kardashian or the next coming of Chucky.
 And then my babies face swapped. Creepy and Dane looks like he has a mustache.
 When you leave your kiddos with your parents for the night, you get videos like this. They miss me.
And you know what May brings, Momma's Day. My momma is simply the best. She is the most selfless person I have even known. She has been nothing short of a miracle at times. She has my back, no matter what. She is the best momma and Gaga we could ever ask for!!
And when you text your hubs to tell hub you went ahead and purchased a Mother's Day card for him to give his momma.... but, after several hours, he text back and says he already has one. When you get home you quickly realize you and your husband share the same brain.
And my mothers day could not have been more blessed. From home made cards and gifts, to a new purse (which we actually ended up exchanging for one I liked better.. my hubs is the bomb) and that painting... my EIGHT year-old painted it for me!  Remember about halfway down the April post when he sent me the working picture of the trees? Yep, this is the final work. I may or may not have cried. He was so proud of himself and I was BEYOND proud of him!
I love May because the peonies I purchased for $1.50 a few years back bloom. I LOVE them so much!!!
Dentist day! I mean, all he really cares about are the games and movie but at least he is a trooper about the entire visit!
More car sleeping = more mom winning.
When he comes to play, he comes equipped. Bows, arrows, shields, night vision goggles, etc.
When your coworker puts on a shark costume, you must document it. I heart you, Holly!!
Some mornings my bed is at max capacity (not pictured, dog #2)
YEAH! Enough to fill a vase in my kitchen!
This is how he goes on a walk with me. My calves would be on FIRE!!!
His absolute fav is JJs mac and cheese! LOVES. Usually, can eat two!
I don't even know what this is but it makes me laugh! I think he is saying it looks like a teardrop. 😁
Bam, again! May must have been cold, check the sweatshirts!
When your sweet friends move, you get a little weepy. Good thing they aren't going far!!
Pure sweetness.
And sometimes there are days when he wants to dress himself, complete with three hats. He is just so damn cute, I can't really argue!!
And he is a goofball.
Sweetness with one of his best girls!
It took a long time to pull this together but I love it. I am fairly certain, it will not stay this beautiful!
A little bike riding. He is not as big of a rider as his brother. He would rather ride his scooter!
See, told ya.
And sometimes you take the kid on a walk and he wants to play in the sawdust. Such the boy.
My heart stopped a little bit. All he cared about is that I got this on video. All I cared about was him making it safely to the bottom of the hill. Good job, buddy!
And some randomness at the Hill House. Big brother teaching little brother how to do push ups. There was so much laughter this day. Good for the soul.
And a little song to top it off!
Snuggles. The little has been creeping his way into his brother's bed for quite some time now. It has become more of the norm. I can't really get mad about it because they are just so darn cute. AND even though he won't admit it, Chaz would rather him be in there with him too!
And sometimes when the big brother isn't with us, we take the little brother to places WE want to go. The big is such a picky eater that it is trying sometimes. We have discovered since this night that Chaz is a fan of ESG so that is a MAJOR bonus!
I don't know how he survives from day to day. My first born.
When you get taken out to dinner for your birthday, you get to drink whatever you want. OR what the waitress suggests. Fireball?
And you have to share with your mom. It is a must!
He was just so happy!!
and concerned. He drinks beer, like me.
Happy birthday to my sweet husband, I love you BIG!
We did have a few people over to celebrate him turning another year older. I love this day every year. One reason is it is my loves bday and the other is because he has to stop calling me old. He starts this on my bday in February and ends on his bday in May. I have to endure the "you are older" for 3 months every year. Meh.
Such a fun fundraiser. We love flocking and getting flocked every year!
Random days at Gaga and Papa's make for happy kiddos.
The boat is back!
My happy place.. And notice my momma is up playing with the kiddos. She is a saint!
And my daddy!
They are playing with ALL my children.
And then this happened. WHY?? WHY didn't I have my camera rolling? Yep, Daddy fell into the pool. In his clothes. In his shoes.
We all got a good chuckle.
And then he just had fun with it. I guess when you look over and see the ones you love the most belly laughing, you just have to smile. We surely love this man!
This is what happens when you take my kiddo to Shogun. He has to make something with his artistic brain and he forces me to take pictures. Ok, why not?
Just a kid hanging out under a train table..
With his favorite dog! Aren't they just precious?!!?!
My lover of littles helping Leighton on the roller coaster! They are just darling!
Jack wasn't really sure about all of this!
And my kid has to be a goofball at all times! He slays me!
So happy!
I mean, so SO happy!
Can you even with this face?!?! I loves him.
This kid and his shield.

Ready to start the funnies! As always, if you are easily offended or can't handle off color humor/language. Stop now and I will catch you on the next post!

This is how you show your husband what you want for Mother's day. It works. He listens.
Love this! I love the funnies!
When you decide to take a group shot for Cinco de Mayo ... you pick up the tiny hands and your coworker looks at you like you have lost your mind. Tiny hats, tiny hands. Good times!!!
It doesn't happen very often (remember, according to my hubs, I am old) but when it does.. ouch!
When you have to take the big kid to work, you lock him in an office with some markers and it stays there for weeks!
This is my real life. #fourhats

Some days.
Try not to laugh. I dare you.
Yep and yep.
When you show up to a call and nobody is on the other end. Come on peeps, where are ya?!?!
Yes, mermaids! So much better than adulting!
I don't drink wine but if I did, the top right hand corner would be a MAJOR selling point. I wonder how much budlight it holds??!?!
For real. Seriously this is NOT something I found on the Internet. This is a legit text roll from the hubs. You.are.welcome.

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