Saturday, April 30, 2016

April // 2016

Here we go again!

Any month you can start off by snuggling with a baby is certainly a good one! RR is just the sweetest thing!!!
And I guess she wasn't the only tired one. There is a kid under all of those pillows and blankets!!
Told ya!
When you get a promo TShirt at work that would barely fit your 8 year-old...... You get your awesome co-worker to model and the laughter takes over the entire office!
This outfit. I refused to argue. Keep being you, kid!

And the evenings when he crawls up in my lap and asks to "talk" I just can't help myself. Check his crazy hair, crooked little hat and adorable face!! How could I ever resist??

"Mom, can you take a picture of my eye? JUST my eye. I will sit still and look dis way" ...... Check!
"Now how 'bout my moufh? It will be bery cool. Promise" ..... Check!
"And my tongue??? Dat will be bery silly!!" ..... Check!
This sweet little nugget! I just don't know what I would do without you!!!

Nothing like a little spontaneous neighborhood fun!
And Dane sword fighting with his BFF.
Again, I can't stop loving on this baby!! She still even has that new baby smell! Not to be confused with the ew baby smell!
When you round the corner and see this. I half feel sorry for her but then I remember she has free roam of our HUGE back yard!
Quick trip to Plano for work... Caught a beautiful sunset...
Had a little "issue" with the toll booth. This is forever in mine and Meredith's memory. It.was.epic.
Witnessed this insane downpour that completely took away all attention of said meeting we were all in! Oops!
Ate a delicious steak with a side of colossal carrot. Have you ever seen such a thing?!?!
Received some updates from the kiddos-- school, baseball, home, etc... but the best was this picture of some artwork Chaz has been working on. You will have to tune back in to the May blog to see the final. I promise, you will not be disappointed.
The hubs sure gets me. When I was feeling a little homesick, this is what he sent me.
And when I got home, it was silly faces and snuggle time with my kids. Man I missed them! Note, I haven't a clue where the baby was in all of this. Probably busy playing!
This kid. I am pretty sure he is one of the funniest kids I have ever come across! *winking*

Another episode of sitting with mommy and taking some pictures. He loves this.....and so do I!
My sweet daddy built my sweet momma a raised garden. She is so proud!!
Another night of neighborhood fun ended with my kiddo in complete football gear. His brother is clearly our baseball player, I wonder what is in store for this dude.
And a sword. Of course he needs a sword.
Bunco nights are always good for the soul!
She thinks she is a lap dog. She is not.
When you are selling the big screen because you are FINALLY getting the theater room turned into a REAL theater room .. you call in a friend, tell him it is an "easy" job and give him the harder part of the transport. I was rolling. They were sweating. Good times.
And then it was time for the garage sale. So much stuff!!!
He ended up sleeping on the floor and when I went in to get him the dog followed me... What a hell of a wake up call!!!
BUT he didn't wake up... he is SUCH the teenager. I swear.
Ready to help me do this yard sale? As you can tell by this face, he was a bit skeptical. He didn't understand why his toys, toys that have been in storage for a long time, were being sold. He "LOVES" them so much! *insert eyeroll*
But then he had a friend so all his worries went away!
Except for this thing. I am pretty sure he NEVER played with it... but it was a MUST to have back in his possession.
I have no words... just two boys who are silly as can be!
And when work asks for a "photo shoot with our product and a happy kid in sports gear" You do what is needed. Chaz and I were rolling!!! I won't overload you with them but we took a good 30 pics.
Sweetness + some major bed head!
Ready for the funnies? Again, if you are offended by randomness, some language or off color jokes, no need to proceed. Just catch the next blog :)

So, I am a little notorious for catching randomness and I really have no shame when trying to get a picture to send to my friends. When I saw the back of a car pop open and these two ladies roll out -- looking a little rough, cig in hand and no shoes. I had to get it. What in the world!?!?!
When I am scrolling through my FB feed and find something this good, I have to share. Some people should not reproduce.
Not everything is funny, some things are GENIUS! I love this idea and think this may be the year that I pull this off in the game room. How fun!!
Now this. I know, it is trendy BUT I sent this to my friend and told her to NEVER let me be seen in these. Can you imagine how ridiculous I would look?!?! Not everyone else out there looking all cute but me. I would look like a total fool. Nevermind the fact that they would probably be up to my thighs. HA!
And sometimes you come across some jewelry that just speaks to you. I seriously can't stop laughing. This is legit, y'all.
And sometimes I get a text from a friend that says this reminds them of me... *tears*
I would never but I would own this sign. So good!
Just sayin'
Throw back to the time when Chaz made a menu at school and the beverage section had "Ber" (Beer) and "Bodlit" (Budlight)   Yeah, go ahead and shine up that Mother-of-the-year award!
Some days I wonder!
Another time I snagged a gem of a photo. You.are.welcome.
If you don't follow @theellenshow on Insta, you need to. I just love her!
I LOVE this!!! So very much!!
Try not to laugh, dare you.
And it is just always awesome to find a good (clean) joke you can pass on to the kiddos!
Read it out loud. Again, try not to laugh.
And the official try list of 2015-2016  Seriously, it has come to this but it works... some of the time.

And I will leave you with this. Thanks to a movie trailer, this is now part of our vocabulary. You can't say it isn't cute!

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