Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial day weekend // 2016

Memorial day weekend for us is completely relaxing. Fun in the sun at Gaga and Papa's pool!
He was so excited!!
Why wouldn't you build a raft with wooden paddles and put a bucket on your head.
Not quite, little guy!
I love when they get along... it doesn't always happen.
He had to pat his belly before jumping! Hilarious!
BIG jumps! Please also notice the pup in the background.. She is TERRIFIED that the baby is drowning. He clearly isn't. Her anxiety level was through the roof!!
And I love that he likes to run and jump!
And this guy loves to flip.. they usually end up more like back busters but I am pretty sure in his mind he is doing Olympic flips. I will let him believe that.
Guard dog to make sure the short people don't drown.
I seriously cannot love these two pictures anymore. He is a riot!!
Almost looks like they are walking on water!
Love, love, love this kiddo!
You know they say swimming makes you hungry!
And clearly that wait 30 minutes before getting back in the pool is just silly..
Daddy relaxing in the shade.
And my sweet Meme just being her sweet Meme self!
Eating again!
And talking... always talking...
Have I mentioned she is almost 90 in this picture? Seriously this woman could run circles around me. She makes me want to live every bit of my life to the fullest.
Yeah, she is silly but I love every bit of her!
And him. Swoon
Back to this crazy pants. I mean, can you even with her zest for life??
He realized all the fun was happening on the playground and certainly didn't want to miss it!
He maaaaaaaay be napping... or resting his eyes... or napping.
So thankful for this time with my family. So thankful for the men and women who serve our amazing country to offer us the freedom we have. So thankful for those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, there are no braver people in this world. God Bless.

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