Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring School pictures // 2016

And here we  go with spring pictures. My favorite day (or dayS now that there are also Fall pictures) of the year!!

When the hubs sends you this on class picture day, you have a few concerns. I mean, I am perfectly fine with what he is wearing, I LOVE when the hubs dresses him. It always makes me giggle. But the face. That is a face of "I am not having this." Good luck with this one, peeps.  Chaz's kindergarten year was one of my favs too but this one is so good just because of the old man in the sweater and his crooked hat.  I just wonder where he keeps his briefcase. HA!! Go ahead and take a look at the rest of the kiddos because there are some great ones in there. Oh memories! SO good!

And then the individual. Oh wait, your kids don't have school pictures with cinder blocks?!?! You are clearly missing out. As for his outfit, we want the kids to look like themselves, most of the time... obviously the door-to-door salesman above would be an exception, so he got to wear his favorite hat and a regular shirt. In the end, it kinda goes with the cinder block. This one will always be a classic.
They also offered the cheesy background and weird chair picture. Which I also love because it does check all the cheesy school picture needs BUT it is no cinder block.
And then to the big man. I love everything about this one. I mean, it checks all the boxes. Cheesy background, hair a little off, bright colored shirt, folded arms. All of it. AMAZING!!! He is growing up to be such a big guy. He is a great student and LOVES school. He gets great grades and really loves to learn. He has a good core group of friends but is also a friend to everyone he meets. He gets praise for his kindness and manners. He is a great kid!
Chaz looks a little terrified in this picture but I love so many things about it! I mean, how cute are second graders?!?! They are just a precious little hot mess.

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