Friday, October 2, 2015

School Pictures // Fall 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Christmas, nope. We aren't there yet. School pictures, absolutely!!!! These really are my favorite thing on the planet!

OMG my almost teenager. What happened? When did he get so big???? This always starts off with a note from the teacher that picture day is fast approaching, which, with this hair, ends in a mad dash to get it trimmed. He will NOT let me cut it. I have to stick by my word when I told him he could grow it out, it really is just hair. Do what you want.

The other issue is the attire. This kid owns nothing but "gym clothes." Almost everything is collarless, made of that popular breathable material and BRIGHT yellow.

This requires a special trip to Academy. No, I am not going to the Gap and spending $80 on an outfit for school pictures. I want it to look like him, not the plaid version of my son who hates plaid. So this is where we landed and he was very happy. BRIGHT yellow Under Armour COLLARED shirt. Win, win for all!! And what a fantastic picture!! Remember years past? We have finally gotten to a place with a good look and a genuine little grin. Love this boy!!
I also love that we get to see all the options of Danes. SO good. I mean who gets a 3 year-old to fold his legs and pose like that??  How is a mother to choose?!?

And let's just take a second to look in the bottom right hand corner. Yep, $99.95 is a SALE. Good gravy!
Well, you pick by taking a poll with your friends and momma! This is the result. Isn't he just a doll face??

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