Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy Hollow Color run // 2015

Happy Hollow does a Color Run every year. This school year they moved it to the Fall instead of the Spring. Originally, I was a bit concerned it would be too cold but it turned out to be fantastic weather.

The kids all got hats. I am not sure of the significance but they looked adorable. Chaz was amped up and showing off, for sure.
All the kids were so pumped. Aven had face paint. Adorable.
Beckett wasn't really sure what to think about all of this. I am pretty sure he was just ready for a nap!
Ethan came along to see the action of his three older sisters.
Sweet Ella. Could she be any more adorable??!?!
And the sweet little doll face of Lemley.
First line up. These are some of the 4th graders. Every grade wore a different color.
I'm pretty sure these kiddos were ready for a nap!
Next up are some of the kindergarten girls. Notice Lemley ready to go right there in the middle. She is a crazy fast runner.
And here she comes... Smoked them big time. I told you, she is crazy fast!!!
Sweet Ella was in the next group.
Yep, she is crazy fast too!!
And stinkin' adorable!!
Next up were the first grade girls. Laney and Elli were in this crew.
I love these two pictures. I LOVE her hair!
This face.. clearly proud of herself! She should be!
He was so excited! He made sure he wore as much blue as possible. He has actually worn this outfit in a previous color run. I guess he doesn't have many full blue outfit options. I am surprised it still fits!
Now this kid, this kid is CRAZY fast.
Time for some third grade girls. Sophie is right there in the middle.
Nice job, Sophie!!
Momma congratulating her girl. Love this!!
Third grade boys! Go, Noah!!
Some more third grade boys. Turner and Miles are in this crew.
These Robinson kids were on fire today! Great job, Turner and Lemley!!
Nice job, Miles. Love this crazy hair!
Last but not least, the fourth grade girls. Now, you want to see someone who can run, it is Aven. She is like lightening. Simply amazing to watch. She will do something with this talent one day, I just know it!!!
So good. She is just SO good!
More fourth grade girls. This group has Jaelyn and Aubrey in it. They did fantastic.
This one came from the school's site. Look at that kiddo!!!
I love this one. I am not sure what my kiddo is doing with his "rock star" hands but I do love it!

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