Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Color running // Happy Hollow // 2015

Last year we didn't really know what to expect. This year, we came ready! The school was much more organized this year as well. Complete with these adorable balloon thingys.
Each grade has a designated color.  I try to get pictures of my "other children." You know, the ones in your neighborhood, you friends, your tribe.  Although most of them are boys and they refuse to play along in my camera games.
The hubs loves this school. I honestly think, if he had to do it all over again, he would have been some sort of teacher. I am serious. He LOVES these kids. We walk through the hall of the school or go to events like this and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, knows and loves him. "Mr. Ryan" this and "Mr. Ryan" that, I am just "Chaz's mom." Which, for the record, I am perfectly fine with.
And there is my monkey. It doesn't take much to be completely monochromatic in our house. This is really how he has been dressing for years -- shirt, shorts, socks and shoes.. all the same color.  Oh, and wristbands if they are necessary.
Little Jorg. Mr. I-refuse-to-smile-my-adorable-smile-ever! Instead he got tickled.
Turner has the monochromatic thing down! I think Miles just wanted to go against the grain that day!
Silly Elli!
And look at all that blue. Kindergarten and First Grade.
And first off, RED boys! I love the streams of water you can see coming from both sides. The kiddos were pumped to get soaked.
I am pretty sure the hubs was having WAY too much fun!
and here come the RED girls! Love me some sweet little Sophie with her arms outstretched to get as soaked as possible.
Notice two of her siblings in the background. I don't even know if they saw her! They were just trying to shoot any and everyone possible.
Remember back when I said we "came ready." Well, we CAME READY!! Did you see last year's post?   Take a minute and go back.. we were sharing 2 maybe 3 water guns. This year... buckets, hoses and a massive amount of waterguns.
And then it was time for the BLUE Kindergarten boys!
Love this kiddo! He is SO much fun!
Again, I think the hubs was loving this a little too much!
Some BLUE Kindergarten girls? Bring it!
The crew. Totally ready for action!
And the hubs getting a little dose of his own medicine. Go Ella! I mean, seriously, who wears jeans, dress shoes and a Polo shirt to something like this? He deserved it! Just wait to see how soaked he was at the end. BAHAHAHA!
And then he tried to boss her to stop. Ummm, have you met Ella?? HAHA!
Have you spotted wrist band kid?
Kid in the front. You just won this picture. BWAHAHAHA!!
Oh no, this kid. YOU, my friend, are amazing at life. Way to embrace and have a great time!!
And there is my kid. HE is amazing! I wish I could have this much fun everyday!!
"My Name is Chaz and I am HAPPY to be alive." OMG, I love this kid! And yes, that yellow thing to the right is his dad tossing a BUCKET of water on him. A BUCKET!
More RED boys. Of course Mr. Jackson Jorgensen is in the lead. This kiddo is fast!!
Love this face!
I think she was having just as much fun as the big kids!
After running, he decided to join in the fun of squirting the kiddos.
And then the RED girls. I love Aven and her little skinny jeans having legs.
I am fairly certain he was having fun!
I mean, who wouldn't be when you are hanging with hoodrats doing hoodrat things!
He didn't stand a chance.
Sweet baby Beckett was very confused at all the chaos!
These kiddos were soaked. And yes, I include the hubs in the word "kiddos."
And then this little kiddo decides to jump IN the bucket. Go big or go home!
He was SOAKED. So much so, he got to go home with me for the rest of the day!
Such a fun day! I can't wait to do it again.

Shopping list: bigger waterguns, more hoses, bigger buckets!!!

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