Saturday, February 28, 2015

February // 2015

It is time for February fun! If you are reading this in real time, yes I realize it is September. Give a girl time, I WILL get caught up. Now back to the action!

Here is what you get when you turn two and two little boys love you! *note: Dane has never claimed to be a morning person.
We celebrated but she had to get a FB, Insta and blog nod on her bday! Love this little girl!
I guess this day was just too much. Wow!
Neighborhood sunset. AH-mazing!! Nothing like the mountain.
This would be during his Valentine's day party. No separate post for that one. This is all I got!

My life. Constant "Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomm"
I think he likes his Christmas present. I feel like all of the sudden he is 13.
These crazy girls! I love my Bunco peeps!!
And sometimes you just have to partake in throwback Thursday.. I was really missing the sun after weeks of on-again/off-again snow.
And one of my favorite things to do is play "guess the baby" Can you figure out who is whom?
The legend lives and the kiddo tucks his cute, little lip. Adorable.
Nothing like a Gaga who will get down on the floor and play a good ol' game of checkers. She is something awesome!
And we have fun dentist days.  He is such a champ!
Sweetness wasn't feeling too good so we decided it was time for mandatory snuggles!!
Even if the result is your shirt making your three year-old look like he is drinking a brew!
Jack and Dane reading before bed. The are adorable!
I think they were planning on reading a book but instead got caught watching a show on the hubs' phone. Doesn't he look thrilled??
He is his own being. All.the.time.
Somedays you are stuck inside with a buncha boys. Sometimes they decide to dog pile you. #neighborhoodboymom
Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!
And now time for some Feb funnies! These pretty much speak for themselves.
Forgive the language but it is hilarious.
This is what you get from me when I know you are having a Monday. Yes, girlfriends send this stuff when their husbands don't.
And I just realized this was in my February file twice. I am pretty sure I was done with being snowed in.
Happy February or September, whatever. Happy, Happy!

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