Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve // 2014

Christmastime. I love that we add new traditions every year and keep many of our standing traditions. Isn't that part of the fun??  This year we started with a new plate. My vision of what this would be and what it actually turned out to be is somewhere between Pinterest win and fail. I wanted a "perfect" keepsake with some uniqueness from the boys and a beautifully scribed "Merry Christmas" in the middle. Well, it is what it is. I think we will try again next year. BTW, the Pinterest craft with plate + Sharpies + baking in the oven definitely works, it is just making it LOOK the way you want that is the trick. Our cookies were something to be talked about as well but I will just leave that one alone for now. HA!
I do love that we all gathered in the kitchen to make Santa his cookies. It was fun!
Oh wait, this will be fun. How many pictures does it take to get a good shot with Momma and her boys? I just gotta say, at least the hubs decided to try and get me in a few pictures, which is rare.
So close! Soooooooooo close!!

No way! Did we do it? Are we all looking the same way? Are we all smiling??
Ok, back to crazy.
The boys were SO proud of their plate and cookies. I mean, why wouldn't they be??

Then they had to go outside and sprinkle the reindeer food. Chaz LOVES to do this. I am not sure the draw but it is one of his favorite things. I'm also not sure why he changed his pants. Doesn't he know my pictures turn out better when they match??!?! Kidding. Sort of.
Dane has no clue what he is doing. He just does what his brother tells him to do.
The set up. Probably my favorite part. I love the anticipation. The thought of the excitement on their faces. Eeeeek. I can't sleep! Two reasons 1) excitement 2) fear of them waking up and finding the stuff before we are up to see it.. maybe my worst fear.
I do love to sit for a minute and enjoy the beauty of my tree. I heart my tree.
I can't get the video to compress correctly so check it out HERE

I love their little voices. I love how Chaz leads his little brother to the excitement. I love the snow in our house showing where Santa was. I love Dane's reaction to Santa eating the cookies.  I love, love, love every bit of this!
I mean, does anything make you happier than wrist bands? He asked for these. Obviously, he really, really wanted them.
Yes, a full size (Dane size) Power Ranger. Chaz found this in a Sunday paper insert and had his mind set on this. After scouring the stores we finally had to order it and go pick it up at the store. If I remember correctly it was KMart. Really? Yes, we have a KMart in Walmart country. Shocking, I know. Dane was so happy and Chaz was so happy that this gift was from him. Yay for Christmas happiness!!
Speaking of happy, guess what I got. Yep, a new minivan. Well, it was ordered but not yet in the driveway. I love my hubs. I love my minivan. #dontknockituntillyoutryit.
After the clean up, we were off to Gaga and Papa's! Daddy got a new book and wanted to read it to the boys. Love this moment.
The reset of the reindeer food. Yes, he is in a sleeveless shirt in December. I can't be held responsible.
 I would be terrible if I didn't mention my parents AMAZING outdoor decorations. They spend a ton of time with lights, wires and schematics to accomplish this. Pictures don't do it justice but it is amazing!!!
Then it was time to open pjs. Another family tradition is matching (or sometimes just new because we can't always find matching) pjs. He was so excited. Again, I don't think he really knows what is going on. He just does what we tell him!
They match, sort of. And it took a "few" shots to get them to behave.
Dane wasn't having it.
And then once he was willing to smile, Chaz was over it. I can't wait for them to do one of those funny photo recreations when they are in their twenties!
Chaz made some ornaments specifically to go on Gaga's tree. *Heart explodes*
After this, the camera died. I know, I know. We continued the evening by letting the kiddos watch a Christmas movie before bed, decorating the tree with our ugly precious ornaments from over the years, setting up the Santa gifts for everyone (yes, we still get them and now we are so old that we set up our own the night before) a few cold drinks and lots of laughs with the fam. Semi early to bed so we could be up early for the rugrats.

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