Saturday, February 7, 2015

KSue turns TWO! // 2015

I love kids! Seriously, I love most all kids! However, there are some kids who just steal my heart from day one. This little one, she is one of those. KSue waltzed into our lives less than a year ago and I we immediately fell in love! She is just preciousness!
And on this day, we celebrated this little lady's 2nd birthday! And duh, she is a girl so you know it is going to be Frozen themed! Isn't this cake amazing!!
And she had some super cute friends who got dressed up and ready for the occasion. Thanks for pulling out your nice tie, Owen!
The kiddos went crazy for the blow ups. This is the same place we had Chaz's birthday party, KSue's daddy is the owner. It is absolutely fantastic! If you need any info, let me know!
Ummmmmm, looks like I spoke too soon. THAT isn't a kiddo!
At least Kirk let some of the kiddos have their turn!
Princess. Loves her!
Don't be fooled. She isn't just a stand-there-and-look-adorable kind of girl, she can run, jump and play with the best of them!
Impromptu dance session with her cousin.
This is probably my favorite picture of the day! LOVE!
There were kiddos running every which way. I was lucky I didn't get run over!
Dane loves when his daddy tosses him in the giant inflatable!
This thing is a HUGE obstacle course. It isn't for the faint of heart. My little tiny three year-old didn't care one bit, he conquered it without much effort. He is a beast!
Such a goofy boy! HA!
And then I looked up to see this. He isn't scared, he is just sitting. He told me he was hiding and then told me he just liked to watch the kids. So silly!
The baby vs the beast.
Oh Jack! I love the feet in the air!
And such a good friend. He just had to help Jackie (as he calls him.)
Wait, what is that? Is that another Daddy?!? These men are really just more kiddos.
Best buds!
Nope, I changed my mind. THIS is my favorite picture. I love KSue but I really love her momma. Have you ever met anyone who just oooooooozes sweetness? This is Misti. She quickly became one of my best friends and I wouldn't trade her for the moon and all the stars! She is just amazing.
Of course we had to have a visit from Elsa and Cinderella (or 'Rella as KSue calls her)
Jack had to get in and get him some hugs. SUCH the ladies man!
From the moment Elsa came in, Lemley was right by her side. She was memorized.
A girl and her daddy, nothing like it. She totally has him wrapped around her little finger.
And thankfully she was able to find some paper and a pen. Lemley wasn't leaving without an autograph.
Didn't I say he was a ladies man?
I mean, he went in for a kiss. Precious!
A boost for another go at the course.
And Lil. OH Lil. I adore this little one too!! Isn't she a doll!?!?!
I love this one too. KSue loves her 'Rella.
Story time.
And there is the baby. He finally wanted something to do with these "dressy ladies."
Couldn't you just bottle these two up??
Owen and Lil's first date. Glad I was there to document it. HA!
Not only am I a kids kinda person, the hubs is too! I love Sadie Marie's giggling face!! Everyone was having such a good time!
Who doesn't love a little foam pit!
And why wouldn't we toss children!? Thanks Dave for being willing to chunk my kid.
More "kids" playing in the foam pit!
He was having a blast! I was just thinking how easy it was going to be to get him to bed.
These two. Two peas in a pod!
He loves her ....and she is quite fond of him!
Cake time!
Lemley stalking again. HAHAHA!

Swords.. Always a hit!
I think she was a happy camper.
And Kat. Love her and her crazy pants!
And then this happened. All he wanted was the shield cookie.. which had red, blue and black icing... add all of that to Dane and you have a mess, a BIG mess!!
I love the wall drawings Misti had done for the party. Too cute!
A little more playtime!
I think KSue loves her!
But Sadie Marie is breaking free!!!
Time to open presents!
I don't know if I have ever shared but I LOVED Cabbage Patch dolls when I was growing up. I mean obsessed. I think when I finally was over it, I had 34ish. Being a boymom, I don't get to shop for things like this so the first moment I saw her, I knew she was going home with me Kerby Sue.
KSue LOVES her books. She could have just sat there all day and read her new books. Such a cutie!
Oh and back to the cake... or aftermath. WOW! We didn't play around!
Such cute decor and cookies!
The boys were still playing and assisting each other into the blow up. They are so stinking cute!
Fearless partners in crime!
Speaking of fearless....
Captain Crazypants.
And this is the scientific way you deflate GIANT blow-ups!
He is SO good with the littles. It helps that he really adores her but isn't this precious?!?!
One more toss for good measure!!
Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl!! I hope you had the time of your life! You are so loved and have captured so many hearts in two short years! Love you!!!

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