Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter // 2014

Easter celebrations began at my parents house with egg dye and white T-shirts. If you don't see any foreshadowing here, you are b.l.i.n.d.
My "clean" boy wasn't so sure of this. I mean he has done this for years but with his brother's staining incident of last year, he was a little unsure.

So far so good. It is really only a matter of time right? You have see other posts of this crazy kid.
Still white, still clean
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we go downhill from here. The "slow and careful" doesn't really work for this kiddo.
Just dive in at this point. Why not?!? I mean, I pretty much knew going in that the baby was going to come out of this dyed brown.
This kid. He keeps me young....or gives me grey hair, depends on what day it is!
Time to wash up! Little momma tip here... vinegar and baking soda. Mix it together into a paste. Voila, clean!
Then it was time to hide some eggs. I think this is probably my favorite thing to do.
We had to pause to put the stickers on the eggs now that they were dry.
The baby didn't stay interested very long. He decided he wanted to play with a stick. Total boy.
Then we locked them inside until we were ready for them to hunt. They were like caged animals.
Containing them wasn't really an option. I love the blur!
Of course they ran past at least twenty eggs in order to get out in the yard. I guess the "cool eggs" are in the yard. Who knew?!?
Meme loves to watch the chaos of my boys. She just watches and giggles. I love her!
Eggs have become so much cooler then when I was a kid. Really? Cars? StarWars?
This is about the time that Dane decided he was going to be very particular about the eggs he was going to pick up. I mean seriously, this kid would literally walk right by one and say "I not get that one, I not like that one"
Teddy was trying to convince Dane to pick up an egg and he was not having it. He is beyond two. I mean, he isn't terrible but he is certainly 2. He actually has the attitude and determination of a 14 year old girl. It is hysterical.
Then he decided he was going to sit on the rock wall and count his eggs. There was no convincing him that there were more eggs within the yard...that have candy....and money......
Nope. "I sit here and count my eggs"
Gaga had the wonderful job of trying to determine if we picked up all the eggs or if there were still some "hiding" in the yard.. We really didn't want the dogs to find candy or hard boiled eggs. No, gross.
After he "counted" his eggs, he decided to go hang with two of his favorite dogs. He LOVES these dogs. They are as big as him but he isn't scared and just loves them to death.
His brother was sweet enough to share his loot. He was very concerned when Dane stopped searching and wanted to make sure he got enough eggs. Sweetness.
The Easter basket. This is a combo basket for both boys. Sooooo much easier!
He wanted a picture with his fruit roll-ups and M&Ms. What a goofball!.
I love this face. He was so excited about an outside water toy. Hilarious as it still hasn't made it out of the box. I know, I know. Momma of the year!
This little guy was super pumped about his giant baseball and Spiderman. He wasn't sure how to make them play together but he loves them both.
He did convince his daddy to play ball with him. Love this little game!
Then they decided to play baseball in the yard. It was such a beautiful day and they had so much fun!!
Then we headed to the other grandparent's house. Add in six more kids and it is REALLY like caged animals. They were so very patient as we were waiting to gather everyone and get them ready to hunt.
Absolute insanity!
The big kids were so good with the littles. They wanted to make sure they were all able to hunt and find eggs.
The hubs helping the kiddos find the eggs.
Sweet baby Davis.
And then, as we always do, we tried to get a pictures of all of them. I think if you splice all of these together, you are sure to get a good one of each of the children!
Goofy Campbell. I love her!
Such a cutie!
I think this is probably my favorite picture of Brandon in a long time! Such a sweet face and beautiful eyes!
Love me some Ben!
Anna Banana. I can't believe how big she is getting!!
He was ready to check out his loot!
They all were!
David had some little eggs that were just for him!
Chaz was so sweet in showing David how to figure out this Easter egg thing. He is such the good teacher!
Then it was time for a little outdoor fun!
Even Dane got in on the action!
More sweetness from more sweet kiddos!

Happy Easter, everyone! As you can tell we enjoyed it with our entire family and I wouldn't have it any other way! Such a wonderful day!!

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