Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cooper turns 3!! // 4.2014

This little dude is one of my favorite guys ever! So when we were invited to celebrate his birthday it was really a no brainer.
Look at that little doll-face!
There were a bunch of little ones who came to celebrate the day! The day before, Dane got a set of Avengers. He literally carried them everywhere. Everywhere also included one of his best bud's birthday party. Little did he know, they would be the hit. He wasn't too keen on sharing but I managed to keep the meltdowns off camera.
"See guys, this is how you destroy a train table! I do this at home all the time. It drives my momma batty" Or something like that. Ugh, bad influence.
I guess she didn't want to be part of the Avengers nonsense.  I can't say I blame her. Boys are crazy!
Did you know the Avengers like to ride in Jake's pirate ship?!?
I am not sure if Mike was playing or supervising. HA!
This was Mike defusing one of those "Dane meltdown" situations. I mean you really can't take Ironman away from the birthday boy.
Chaz was one of the only older kiddos but he didn't mind. He just played basketball.

Then it was time for presents!
This is the face of "I got all my men!! Get out of my way before they see me!!"  I know it is blurry but the face is simply priceless.
More presents!
Dane was very confused when he saw what we got Cooper. The same Jake pirate set he has?!? How is that? How is it not his? Easiest way to confuse a toddler.
Sweet friends and family
Yes, I see your men. This kiddo.
Chaz was so good that day. He just wanted to make sure his brother and Cooper were happy. I love when he decides to be especially sweet.
More presents. Cooper was in heaven!
All smiles!!
Just as I said, he was so sweet and attentive to the littles. He loves Coop.
I love this face. I simply love it!!
He got a "real" wheelbarrow and shovel. He was so ready to get out in the yard and work. I am sure this will wear off by the time he hits his teens.
And, of course, we had to get some good shots of baby brother. He slept most of the time but was super cute doing so!
Pizza time!! Nothing like a pizza party, picnic style.

Grady's grandma got some snuggles, too!
Cake time. Such an adorable cake!
Yes, he is a mess. Total mess.
Duh, why wouldn't you lick the candles!?!?
Goofy kiddo!
HAHA! She was digging the cake!
And grandpa got some snuggles too!
They decided to take some of the gifts out of the packages for Coop. One of his picks was ours. I love his expressions! I think he was pleased.
What a great pirate!!
Little Cooper, I cannot believe you are 3!! You are a wonderful little boy! We love you to the moon and back!!

For some throwback pleasure: Cooper turns TWO, ONE and NEW!!

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