Monday, April 30, 2012

Cooper is ONE!!

One of my favorite little peeps turned ONE in April! I can't believe it has been a year since he joined this world. He was a cute little tiny guy. I remember not being able to go to the hospital to see him because I was sick. I did not want to share my germs with this little one. But his daddy was nice enough to send me pictures and keep me informed.
but a few days later I was feeling much better and my mom and I went over to see this sweet little guy. What a precious little fellow!
Fast forward a year and this is what we have. Cooper is a super happy and smiley little guy. He has a giggle that will light up anyone's face and some beautiful blue eyes. He is a doll!!
His momma did a fantastic job with a monster themed birthday party. His cake was simply to-die-for cute!
As soon as we got there, Chaz ran straight to Cooper. He adores this little guy!
Dane was less than enthused. But, it didn't take long for the excited kids to wake him up.
In true form, we decided to try to take a picture of all the kids..And in further true form, I just snapped away. I love looking at pictures like this in a row. They make me giggle! (The three cute little girls are Cooper's cousins)
You will notice in the last shot, Dane woke up due to the chaos and crazy laughter. Within seconds of me getting him out of his carseat, Destiny's Grandmother said "Come here, give me that baby" It was like being around my family!

And then it was time for presents!!!

 As with most one-year-olds. Cooper was far more interested with the wrapping and tissue paper than any toy you put in front of him!
Kennedy could not get enough of my lap. She would stand in front of me, turn around and back it up... then plop into my lap. She is precious!
Sydnie was such a big help!
Sweet momma reading sweet baby boy a new book!
And Cooper in his awesome new chair!
Camo! What kiddo doesn't need some camo!
I love this. He was just chillin' reading his cards.Love him!
and then he decided to climb in it. Boys. Love me some boys!
What comes after presents? CAKE!!!

Time to sing! I am pretty sure he just thought we were all a bunch of nuts!

Make a wish sweet little boy! I hope your second year is as good as your first has been!
I'm ready for some cake. Mmmmmmmmmm, cake!
What is this?
Daddy decided to assist. Maybe if he tasted it, he would love it!
Blob of cake under the nose. Yep, makes for funny pictures!
Maybe I do like this cake stuff!!

Our little guy was very intrigued with the happenings around him. He thought Cooper was oh-so-funny!
We then retreated outside as it was a beautiful day..
Oh and Mike had bubbles. All kids like bubbles and all momma loathe bubbles. That is my take on it anyways!
 "Ummmmm dad, what are all those 'weird' kids doing??"
Back in the house to enjoy the party. Destiny's sister was taking pictures of her folks on the couch, when I look over to see this..Yep, my little guy had scooted over and was looking up her dress. Oh my!
LOVE Mike's face in this picture. BAHAHA!!
But he is just so cute. How could you not love him?!?!
And then it was time for Mike to put together Cooper's new ride on toy. This is not the first and sure won't be the last toy he puts together. Chaz was there for moral support.
I think Mike was a little frustrated. But he got it together and only had to disassemble it once.
 Calling in backup.. He may have done this once or twice!
So here is a funny story.. Destiny had these cute little finger monsters in the goodie bags. Chaz just LOVED them. Well, the problem was each goodie bag had two monsters--he got four as he stole two from his brother's bag. Even though he had four monsters, he had five fingers. Yep, problem. He tried to scrounge up another one but no such luck. He then tried to barter pencils for monsters with the girls, no such luck. But where there is a will there is a way...We get in the car and I hear "Mommy, don't get mad.. "  Ummm, ok.  "I might have stolen a monster from one of the girls. I wanted five. I'm sorry"  Although it was wrong, the girls didn't even notice... so yeah, I am kinda proud of my weaselly little tike. Good job buddy!
How stinkin' adorable is this family. Cooper you really lucked out in getting these awesome parents. You are blessed and you have blessed them. I know they love you so very much!!
Happy birthday little buddy!! We are so blessed to have you (and you momma and daddy) in our lives. You are a blessing.. more than you will ever know. The first year has been a blast and we can't wait for all the years to come. You have two super cool buddies in this family and we can't wait to see you guys grow to be the best of friends. Happy first birthday! We love you Coop!!

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