Sunday, January 19, 2014

SSX Holiday party 2013...uh, 2014?

Our company holiday party is a MUST go. We always have SUCH a blast and this year was no exception. The only change this year was it actually took place well after the holiday season. Reason being, this was happening during the regular scheduled time. I actually loved the delay because it gave me time to find a dress and it didn't conflict with our other holiday parties.

Gatsby was the theme. Themes are not really my gig but I decided to jump on board and try to play along. I think I did a pretty good job.
And the hubs looked quite dapper.
The best part of the party is getting to celebrate with some pretty awesome co-workers friends. One of my favs, Christen, and her hubs got to join this year! YAY! Last year they weren't able to find a sitter but this year, it was a must! I just love that I get to work with such fabulous people. Below are just a few of my favorites!
Sarah, not even looking pregs although she is, and her hubs Mike.
Jess and Justin and some of my other favs.
SSX pulled out all the stops with a fire guy. WHAT?!?! Amazing!!!
And then all hell broke lose. It doesn't take much for this group of kids to throw down and get a little crazy. I mean, we are crazy on a regular day-to-day basis. Just look at what happens when they call us in on a Friday night and feed us adult beverages. I could not work with a better group of people. Good times!!
My sweetie!
Love these girls!! I am so blessed to call my co-workers friends but these girls are over the top. They are amazing!!!

I am pretty sure we just lost all sanity!
The new party day just happened to fall on this girl's birthday. What an awesome birthday party!?!? Happy birthday,Jess. Complete with a serenade from the band and entire party. Very cool!!
We even had hula-hoop ladies. These girls were absolutely amazing! They make the crazy stuff look so easy.. and they had light-up hula-hoops.. Awesomeness!!!
My hubs, always ready to have a good time! What a fun date! Every.single.time.
The men (and Jess) Love these guys!
This night was awesome. We are known to work hard and play hard. It is kinda a motto. This night did not disappoint. There are rumors of table jumping, late night bar-hopping, lots of dancing, a trip to Waffle House, a toe injury and lots of lots of fun times had by all!! I am pretty sure the rumors are true! Thanks again for the awesome time, SSX. Let's do it again next year!

If you wanna throw it back to last year, check it out here.

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