Sunday, December 9, 2012

SSX Holiday party // 2012

So a few years ago our company holiday party was put on the back burner, they brought it back last year but I was on leave with the little bit so I opted not to go. I was still kinda a walking zombie at that point so I don't think it would have been pretty.

But this year, this year I was in!! As soon as I knew the date, I called the folks to make sure they could watch the short people. I got my hair done, a little bit of spray tan, borrowed a dress from a sweet friend (I mean who are we kidding, this kinda thing doesn't happen very often.. I'm not shelling out the dough for a dress) and made the hubs clean up all handsome. BAM! The Hills are rockin' it!
I have managed to make some killer friends over the last few year. I have no idea how I got so lucky! They are amazing, supportive, give me crap and have my back no matter what. They are a few years younger than me, and remind me of this fact daily, but I love that they keep me young and on my toes. Not sure what I would do without these people in my life.

This is Jess and Justin--they are totally good times!
Sarah and Mike. Total cuteness!!
Craig and Lexi. A-freakin-dorable!
There was a cool photobooth right next to the bar and our little sitting area. Once they got it functioning, there were some techincal difficulties, we all took turns. What I love are these pictures I found on our company server when digging for the above entry photos. It seems there was a dude over to the side with a handheld camera. Sarah obviously noticed him..
Jess and Justin were too busy smooching to notice..
I clearly had no clue..
Here they are from the good side of the camera.
Love these crazy kiddos!!
Cute & goofy!
Three of the four men. Yes, they clean up nice. Be jealous!
All of us girls piled into the photo. I heart these ladies!! There really is nothing cooler than gigantic glasses!!
A little later and a little sassier. My sweet friend took this shot! I didn't win any door prizes, not a shock as I never win, and I didn't dance but I had some great conversation, LOTS of laughs and it was an absolute blast!!

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