Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day // 2013

My favorite day of the year. A full (and you will see VERY full) day of family and fun.

I will start by explaining my geniusness.. Yep, I remembered that Sonic was not open on sweet baby Jesus' birthday. So, before everything shut down for the night, I headed in an stocked up. just an added bonus to my already awesome day.
In my family, we don't leave the kitchen until we are told we can. This has been the rule since I was a small child.  I love that I am now on the other side of the fun. Instead of my parents waiting for us to come in and catch our faces on camera.. I get to be the one to capture my sweet little one's faces. And they do not disappoint.
Remote control cars and truck galore. The kiddos were in heaven.
They then got to open what we call "the boxes" Everyone gets one and they are full of all kids of stuff. The box is hands down, my favorite present to open. It is full of soaps, pjs, underwear, perfume, kitchen tools, hand towels, gift cards, etc.. The boys is about the same but there are fun little toys and gadgets that are far more kid focused. So much fun!!
My brother just sits back and enjoys the show.
Dane telling Gaga about something. Notice the matching pjs in full force.
Sorry for the total lack of makeup. Love, love, love this kid!!
Loved him so much, I decided to have another one and I love them both so much!!
This is the time of the morning when my parents ooh and ahh like they really didn't know what was in their boxes. Silly people.
Must decorate daddy. Precious!

My toothless wonder and my pirate.
As usual, Pingle/Chippy was under the tree. I stole this idea from a friend but how cute is he breaking out of a present? LOVE!!
And the boys were super excited to get to hug on him.
Dane decided he wanted to get his working gear on. Lisa was sweet enough to help him.
After opening the rest of the gifts, breakfast pizza and showers, we were off to Meme's house to enjoy the rest of the family. My camera was dead so unfortunately, I only got this picture.
Then it was over the river and through the woods to the other grandma's house. The weather was actually nice enough to play outside.
Seriously so much fun!
This may be one of my favorite pictures. With this many kiddos there is always someone who isn't happy. The fact that I caught it, is awesome. Sorry Brandon.
She looks like a teenager. I can't believe it.
It is really hard to have eight kiddos in a house full of presents and them not want to open them. We were able to keep them at bay for a little bit but soon it was time to rock this party!
This is madness and happiness all in one room. LOVE!
Love these kiddos. Yes, it takes multiple pictures to get them to look. Again, if they weren't so cute. I would photoshop them together.
Don't you worry. The adults have just as much fun as the kiddos.
What else do you buy your mom for Christmas? Storage containers, duh. We are practical people here.
Cute littles!
Smile. I mean is there anything cuter?!?!
They are all so sweet to the little ones. Always offering to help--especially when it involves opening presents.
He decided to take a break and read a book... with working goggles...
And then.. the most epic present of all time.
A present that can cause these reactions......
Yep, all of that was caused by these. My awesome husband and his awesome brother decided to do some of the recreation picture you have probably seen on Pinterest. And they NAILED it. Seriously, nailed it.
What? You don't do the sock exchange with your brother at Christmas?
Sweet baby boy.
Anna is such a good older cousin.
My day is complete. My heart is full. I love this family to the moon and back. I could not have wished for a better family. We are full of love and laughter. And we tend to make some awesome memories together! Merry Christmas everyone. THIS is what it is about!

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