Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas day // 2012

Chaz woke up knowing for sure Santa had been to Gaga and Papa's house... there was snow, duh.
Dane obviously had no clue what was going on but he was happy and cute so that is all that mattered.
I scurried to the living room so I could be in prime position for pictures.
Yes, the Lego police station that he had been asking for for nothing short of 6 months. He was pumped. I was not sure we were going to get him to step away from the box. I did convince him that he was going to have to wait to get home to put it together. That was a long discussion.
Santa even left his name on Chaz's Lego table.
The baby got a ride-on toy and he was pretty pumped too!
I mean for reals. Sock monkey Santa pjs.. Could it get any cuter?!?!?!

I am not sure what Lisa and Dane are doing here but they are pretty cute in their Christmas pjs.
Lazy bottle time with Daddy and Uncle Shane.
That is one way to get into a box. He was a little disappointed with the clothes but it was fun to rip the box apart.
Little brother was very helpful with picking up trash.
Once you get old, the gifts get practical. I love this! I still remember when I realized this had happened.. I got a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas when I was in my mid/late twenties and I was BEYOND excited!
Chaz was told to wait to open his next present. He sat quietly for a very long time.. I heard a slooooooooow riiiiiiiiiiip and looked down to see this. He never made a noise or looked up,  he just sat there staring at this Lego logo. He wanted to rip the rest of this open so bad but refrained. Finally he looked up at me and said "I'm pretty sure I have waited long enough, don't ya know what this is??"
Chaz painted an airplane for Papa. I am not sure who was more excited. Look at those faces!
Gaga got some good stuff too!!
For real, we couldn't rip this little tyke off this thing! We had a great morning with LOTS of Legos, a Boys&Girls Club membership, lots of toys, tires and tons of clothes. AND I got a new laundry hamper. Sound simple but it really is the Cadillac of hampers and it made me so very happy!
After we cleaned up, ate breakfast pizza (YUMMMO!!) and got dressed, we headed to Meme's house for additional Christmas festivities. The older crew drew names this year. It was very fun!

I'm not 100% sure what he is eating but you can almost always guarantee he is eating. He is my chunk.
She loves him! Yes he has rockin' new boots.. and said boots still have the price tag on them as he wouldn't let anyone touch them. I am pretty sure he would sleep in them if I let him.
Brothers--Sometimes they fight, sometime they are sweet. This is the ladder but the moment was short!
Why wouldn't we put a baby in a box?
This is the only picture I got of Meme. I love her so very much!
After this we were off to MahDah's house for Christmas celebrations with the Hills. Chaz was so excited to see his cousins. One of his first presents was goggles. Seems rather simple, huh? Well, it was much better than just goggles. It came with season passed to White Water and Silver Dollar City! YEAH!!
Yes, always eating. These are not his chips, they are his cousins but left unattended, they are his!
Chaz was so very proud of this gift and specifically asked for a picture with Mah as she was opening it! It was a beautiful handmade scarf-- made by his Meme. He picked out the color himself, specifically for his Mah. Love this kid!
No clue as to the context of this picture. I totally missed the gift but looked over to see my FIL looking like this. Totally picture worthy!
Chaos. Lots of kids, even more presents and even more wrapping paper trash. All of this equals a VERY good time!!
He finally got the hang of unwrapping presents!
but not taking the presents OUT of the box before trying to use them. Hilarious!
The kids were zonked before we even got home (we live less than 5 minutes from my in-laws) so I would call that a VERY successful Christmas day. We have the best families on the planet and couldn't be more blessed. Merry Christmas!!!!

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