Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall photoshoot take 1....

So I was very anxious to get Chaz's Fall pictures taken (by yours truly).. why you may ask? Well because they turned out FANTASTIC last year....

Here are a few of the 08 Fall photos...

I mean really.. could they have been any cuter?? (there were about 200 total :) Anyways so I wanted to take them in the same place.. It is actually the Confederate cemetery in Fayetteville but the trees are usually BEAUTIFUL.. So last weekend we pack up, all dolled up in our cute "fall" clothes, and head out... and this happened.... It was freezing!! Chaz is animate that he have his coat at all times so trying to distract him from the fact that mommy forgot it was not an easy task (note: he was layered to the tee so he was not cold ..he just thinks if he is outside he needs a coat) Anyways.. I literally took 6 pictures and then packed it up and hoped the leaves wouldn't turn to crap and fall before I got another chance..
These were taken at the same place.. a few factors came into place 1) the ice storm of early 09 has destroyed our treeline around NWA 2) the odd heat in early summer and then mild remainder has delayed the changing of the leaves and even made some go direct to brown 3) chaz is 2 now and very opinionated as to what is happening around him :)
scoping it out....
Probably the best shot.. notice the cute green boots, he was insistent on wearing them!
"momma, i no like the tree"
"momma, I cold...all done"
"Momma hold you"

The tree behind him was the only pretty one in the entire place and it wasn't anything to call home about.. oh well we will try again next weekend!

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