Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Photoshoot take 2.....success!

I was insanely determined to get good pictures of Chaz with the beautiful colors of fall. As you saw "Fall Photoshoot take 1" was not a success but i really think I got some great pictures during take 2..

So Sunday we all get on our fall duds again and headed out.. The first stopping place was just down the road in our neighborhood. I wanted shots on the hill and I think they turned out pretty good. We found a spot and told chaz to stand there.. we also told him if he was good he would get a sucker (bad idea!)

Ryan wanted a cool "in the weeds" shot.. Chaz was not so into it..
and now we see why the "you can have a sucker if you take a good picture" was NOT a good idea.. 8 shots in and he see this and hear "my suckor, my suckor"
Once we gave it to him he was so happy and then he turned and headed back to where we originally had him..
He said "my spot, my suckor..Cheese!" HA! He wanted to get pictures taken with his sucker.. so of course i obliged..
and they were pretty cute

The sky was beautiful!

He loved the flowers...aka weeds..

and then he was done so what did he do.. well what any other 2 year old would do.. RUN!!!
His daddy was able to catch him and I got a cute silly shot of them.
Then we decided to go to the park (I promised him this last weekend but wasn't able to deliver) on the way we saw this beautiful random group of 3 trees and all colors of leaves. We pulled over and took tons of pictures.. this was his is expression when we put him in the leaves.. Oh the sheer joy!!Daddy and Chaz being silly.
He thought it was so fun to throw leaves at momma.
Blurry but i still think they are super cute!and at Daddy O...
look it is me! I am in a picture! I do exist!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot!
He loves kicking the leaves.. I mean who doesn't?!!?!
He squatted down and said "cheese momma!"
This is my success!

and of course we had to put him in the tree..

and yes we did finally make it to the park...
is it just me or does he look so much more grown up than a 2 year old??

Hated, hated the swings. HA!
He found a doll on the slide and was very concerned there was no owner..He went down one slide and i wasn't fast enough to grab him before he hit the water at the bottom.. of course in true Chaz form he wanted to clean it up.. so we found a random towel (yes, very random) and cleaned it up... the wet slide aftermath.. soaked bootie!
He even convinced Daddy to come down the tube slide.
Ryan was sitting on top of the bar above the slide.. i had to take a picture because it was so funny from my point of day sealed with a kiss!!

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  1. These are REALLY good (and cute, of course). Happy to see that Take 2 was a success!