Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sidney and Evan's bday party // July 2013

Siblings with birthdays just days apart results in a dual birthday party---and a very jealous me. Mine are just far enough apart that I can't do this. Sidney and Evan are literally just a few days apart so my cousin, Lindsay, is able to do a joint party. I am REALLY jealous of this.

Sweet little Evan was ready to get the party started!!
The rest of the kids were amped and ready to go too!
We did this the night before so we had Cooper in tow for this morning party. He knows these kiddos so it was no biggy for him to tag along. He had a blast!!
It was nice enough that morning for the kiddos to enjoy some playtime in the water.
Adorable cake for the little ones!!
Sid was ready to get her cake and presents on!
The wind was working against Nathan in trying to light the candles but he was eventually successful!!
Sid first!
Then it was Evan's turn!

Sweet brothers sharing a seat.
This is how my kiddo eats his cake. He is not an icing fan.
Back to playing.
Evan was not too fond of Dane taking over his truck and Dane was not giving up his seat. Oh the power of two littles.
More playtime with all the kiddos here to celebrate!
I love this face. Love, love, love!!
Dane taking a time out to put on sunscreen. Hilarious!
Present time!!
Brayden decided to pull Dane in the wagon... I cannot say he was a fan of this activity. HAHAHA!
Such a fun morning in the sun celebrating two kiddos we love so very much. Happy birthday to Sid and Evan!! And YAY for not having a mustache on the cake ;) Check that awesome memory out here.. scroll to the bottom! Love you, Lindsay!!

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