Friday, July 26, 2013

Cooper sleepover // 7.2013

When friends need a little helping hand, you say "YES!." But this one was even easier to say yes to. Mike and Destiny needed us to watch Cooper overnight so they could finish moving. Well, duh.

We had a nice little dinner.
See, we can do three. He is ALL smiles!
Chaz took this opportunity of having them secured in their high chairs, to finish up his cards for the birthday party the next day.
This is the video I sent to Mike and Destiny. HA! Total chaos.

Screaming contest..
Chase with the bigger kiddo in the house.
PJ dance party.

Izzy, Sally and Fletcher joined us for the party.
It was a rocking good time!
Even the littles joined in the rock band.
Cooper just watched the craziness. He doesn't have any crazy brothers so I have a feeling our house was a little louder than he is used to.
Eventually he caved to the madness. I mean how can you not? They were having a blast!

The next day after attending this birthday party, we met Coop's parents for lunch. Hilarious to look in my backseat and see this. Three deep, wowza.
 Even the ride to lunch was so much fun for Cooper.
 When we got there he actually told Mike and D to go away. He didn't want to go home. I am sure this wasn't what they wanted to hear but it kinda warmed my heart. I can now admit I was a little worried with keeping him over. I knew we could handle it but I didn't want Cooper to be sad or miss his parents at any point. I think this was proof that we did a good job :) Love this kiddo!!!

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