Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa // 2012

I never really know how this is going to work out, so every year I just go in with the attitude that it will be whatever it will be. We go on a weeknight after work and just cross our fingers for the best. Chaz was amazing. Probably because he had a hefty list for Santa -- it involved a LOT of Legos.
We let him sit and tell him every single thing on his list. Luckily there were very few people at the mall so Santa was very patient.
I really think we have the best Santa at our mall. I mean, how else would you expect Santa to look. This guy is perfect.
After Chaz was done with his list, we inserted baby brother. Based on the grip he had on my arm, I knew it wasn't going to go very well and I simply refuse to omit any of the pictures as they are priceless.
Santa was a good sport about the entire thing and Chaz just sat still for the perfect shot.
Here is the final one from the official photographer (not my iPhone) I would call this classic and amazing.
If you would like to see Santa visits from Christmas past.. Check it out here. You will have to find the additional links within the posts in order to travel back a few years. BTW there is an almost identical shot when Chaz was about this same age. Enjoy!!

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