Sunday, January 1, 2012

Santa visit 2011

Through the years we have learned that it is WAY easier to take the kiddos to see Santa on a weeknight around 5pm. You don't have to stand in line and you miss the crowds in the mall. This year was no different. We went on a Thursday evening and probably waited in line for 5 minutes. It was wonderful!

The boys did great and I was a sucker for the digital package so we actually got three shots. Chaz's list went as we suspected -- Power Rangers, Transformers, computer -- until the last two items... Razorback toys and a surfboard. A surfboard? I looked at Santa for confirmation and he shook his head.. Hmmmm. Not happening!
Because we got multiple poses I decided to let Chaz pose with Santa alone. This poor boy has had to share everything the past few months (and for the rest of his life..) so this was a nice treat.
This is the post from last year's visit. Be sure to click on the link in the blog that will take you to the previous years. It is well worth the look back. Thank goodness Chaz got over his fear of Santa. It will be interesting to see what Dane does next year!

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