Thursday, September 15, 2011

Four: It is kind of a big deal!

Can you believe it? I know I can't. He is four. FOUR. Four. Yep, he is four. This momma cannot believe he is four.  But he, he is so excited that he is four. He actually told me he "was done being three" the other day. HA! 
 This is where we started. We had NO idea what was ahead of us.
 And then this little guy came into the world. He was perfect. Literally, perfect. I never really understood when people talked about their children. About how you can thrust everything you have into this one little person. Well, at that moment, I got it. Crystal clear. This guy was my life. In an instant he was my everything. 
 That first year was a blur but we made it. The boy was happy and so were we. It was getting a little easier and we were getting used this thing called parenthood.

 And before we knew it he was two. TWO?!? Yep. And I have to say, two wasn't that bad. I mean they always say "terrible twos" No, not really. Two was fun. He had developed an awesome personality, he could communicate with us, potty training was in full swing.. it was fun. We had a great year!

 And then we hit three. Now I won't lie, three was a bit of a challenge. Remember that "personality" I mentioned? Well, it kind of morphed into an attitude. Most days were good.. but when they were bad, they were really bad. I am hoping moving into four this "attitude" will turn back into "personality" We shall see. Either way, we lived, we learned and we are smarted parents for going through three. 
  And now we are entering four. This is going to be a big year for him.
 We are about to take him on THIS journey with us. He is so excited for "Dane to come out" and to be a big brother. I have no doubt that he will be awesome at this. He is pretty much awesome at everything he does.
 What is four in Chaz's world?
  • He weighs 34lbs. He is 35" tall
  • His favorite colors are red, blue and orange.
  • He best friends are his cousins and Fletcher. His best friends are school are Nigel and Derrion.
  • He likes writing his name. He can recognize all the letters and does a pretty good job at writing them.
  • On days he doesn't want to go to school he says "We can just hang out"
  • He uses phrases he picks up from adults but they still have a cute little kid swing to them .. such as "What de heck?!?!" 
  • He likes to take pictures with my fancy camera
  • He loves to swim
  • He often puts himself in timeout
  • When he spills or messes up he says "I am SOOOO sorry"  It is simply pitiful. 
  • He has the memory of an elephant. 
  • He is very good at cleaning up after himself.
  • He got a new bunkbed and desk for his room. Which, according to him, officially makes him big!
  • He is ready for a little brother. He has decided that Dane will sleep on the top bunk, um no. When he wants to replace something he will tell me that he will give his old one to Dane..such as when he decided he wanted a new Spiderman lunchbox. He told me he would give his Scooby Doo one to Dane and I could go to Target and buy him a new Spiderman one. He is still waiting  for that lunchbox.
  • He is an amazing artist. Really. And he likes to paint in his underwear
  • He picks out his clothes and dresses himself. Current favorite is a grey Transformers shirt and orange shorts. I think he has worn them 70 days over the last 4 months. Seriously, no exaggeration. 
  • Washes himself and brushes his own teeth
  • He also likes to dress monochromatic.   Orange shirt/orange shorts, red shirt/red shorts, etc. To him, that is "matching"
  • LOVES family movie night (We all jump in Mommy and Daddy's bed and watch a movie.. usually with a treat of popcorn)
  • Tells me "I love you to the moon and Queens" I haven't a clue where this came from
  • Can work an iPad better than the average adult
  • He calls his dad "Ryan"
  • He doesn't have a ton of patience (most four year olds don't) and often says "It is taken a while" In that cute little kid whine. 
  • He loves to watch Phineas and Ferb, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Cars and Transformers
  • He loves to play with Imaginext toys and Matchbox cars
  • He has and amazing imagination. 
  • He plays a game with his Papa called "I'll turn you into"  (example.. "Papa, I'll turn you into a hamburger so I can eat you"  "Chaz, I will turn you into skis so I can ski down a hill on you") It can go on forever!!
  • He is a picky eater.. very picky. If he gets to choose it will probably sound something like this "I want waffles, grapes, pickles, chili, strawberries, lemonade and cinnamon toast crunch" No, he doesn't get all of this but usually it is a mix of the menu above. He also eats a ton of chicken.

Chaz~ Happy 4th birthday little man. I love you more than you will every know. You are such a light in our life. You bring us so much happiness and joy. We couldn't imagine our world without you!! Love ya~ Momma and Daddy

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