Monday, May 23, 2011

Campbell Kate is the big 0-1!

Wow! This year has gone by so fast! This time last year she was just a little newborn. We are so happy to have this little cutie in our lives. She is our slow attempt to level out the boy/girl ratio. Currently we are at 5/4 total and 4/2 NWA total.

She is just a doll baby and so happy!
When we got to the Boys and Girls Club, the boys decided it would be their job to carry our present into the party room. I really should have dropped my still camera and grabbed the video camera. It was a riot.
The kiddos had a little while to swim before the party food was served. The little ones loved the beach entrance pool. I have to admit I had no clue this place was so cool. This will definitely be on our list for rainy days.
Chaz was a little reluctant to get in the pool as it has been a long time (looooooooooooong winter) since he swam.
Daddy was finally able to coax him in.
and then the beginning of the end. You see that tube thing in the picture above? It is a long, enclosed water slide. Usually, this would be right up Chaz's alley but remember he hasn't been in the water in a while so putting him in a very dark tube 5 minutes in was NOT a good idea. I blame this on Ryan. :) Notice the terror on Chaz's face.
After a little more torture under the waterfall my kiddo was D.O.N.E. He literally went into the party room and stripped down. "Momma, I'm done swimming.. where did you put my clothes??"
Turner inhaling goldfish. He is Campbell's "girlfriend" and just as cute as can be!Speaking of inhaling.. Did you see the pretty plate of donuts above? They spelled out "Happy Birthday Campbell" and it didn't take these boys 3 seconds to begin begging for them...
Don't be fooled.. Jackson has a LARGE bite of donut in his mouth.. :)
and Campbell. Let me just tell you, this girl can eat. She was so cute!!! Everything she saw, she loved! The cake was no exception. Within moments she began shoving it in. I just started snapping away because it was just so stinkin' cute.

She rubbed her face and got it all over herself! It reminds me of Chaz's first birthday. We had red Razorback cake icing all.over.him!!
Katy and sweet baby Turner!
and then I got snuggle time. Turner was so good. I actually "won" him away from his daddy AND mommy, which I hear is talent all in itself. He just snuggled up with me.!

Happy Birthday sweet baby Campbell. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!!

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