Monday, July 4, 2011

A little "Fletch time"

As you know our summers (and our lives) are sprinkled with Fletcher sightings. Like and here... There will probably be more and more as the summer progresses.

This weekend was no different. We were at mom and dad's to swim and decided to invite the Schmidts over for a little pool fun.

These pictures are just so fun they don't need much commentary from me..
This does need a little "me" Fletch wasn't scared of the water at all. I love his "Super hero" outfit! He kept jumping in the pool and all he would do was belly flops. I assume they didn't hurt him as the 3 inches of foam was there to protect him. BAHAHA!
I love these life jackets. The boys are so confident in them that they just swim and swim and swim... and I just get to sit back and take pictures (in.the.shade)
Izzy decided to get in the mix with the boys.
And after a few minutes they were all in the pool. Notice my little bit falling in the pool in the second pic.

POPSICLE TIME!!! How stinkin' cute is he with the goggles?

C: "Is my tongue red?"
F: "Yep, is mine??"
C: "Yep"
C&F: "These are yummy"
C: "Yep, I'm done. They are too spicy!"
Weird kids..
"Look momma! I make a skate board"
And someone got a hold of the sunscreen..

and then it was dinner time. Silly boys!
God love summer!!!

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