Friday, July 29, 2011

HIllapalooza Photoshoot 2011

Yep, we did it again. The last time was Hillapalooza 2009. I cannot believe how much the kiddos have grown in 2 years (and we added 2 more) As expected, it was a challenge but how can we not have a photo shoot when we have all the Hills together??!?!?

We used Novo Studios again. Philip is simply phenomenal. He is patient and lets our family be as crazy as we wanna be! We used him to photograph my side of the family last fall and will use him again this fall for our maternity pictures and Chaz's 4 year old pictures. Stay tuned.

This is hands down my favorite shot of the day. I had to start the post with my favorite picture. Why not?! I actually think I was wrangling some other Hill kids when Philip took this. I was so, so pleased when we got them back. What a pleasant surprise :)
And these are two of my favorite group shots. Yes, we managed to get some good ones of all 19 of us (and counting) Chaz refused to let go of my hands but I didn't care. I think they turned out awesome.
and you gotta be a little silly sometimes!
We started with the family shots (Yes, professional picture are almost the only time you will see me on this side of the camera. Sad really, we are trying to get better!) I love these!
And of course we had to get some with the belly. Roughly 6 months pregnant.
Marcy and Cam's kiddos did great. I think they are a little used to getting their picture taken.
Jackson (3) Campbell (1)
and the Clawsons. Well, this is how it started. No amount of dancing or acting nutso in the background was going to get these little ones to look and smile. Brandon wasn't having it.. We really wondered if they would get good pictures of just their fam..
and this happened. Are you kidding me?? How stinkin' cute is this family? And how did the kiddos sit so perfect. Well, there was a lot of dancing and craziness in the background. They did great! These pictures are SOOOOOO good!!
Ben (3) Anna (5) Brandon (3)
Excellent pictures of the NC Hills. As usual, Madilyn is her regular stoic self. So serious for a 1 year-old.

Brady (10) Madilyn (1) Sydney (6)
How do you get the stoic little one to smile? Well, you blow zerberts on her arms. Duh?!?!?
And then we got all the kiddos to sit still. WHAT?!?! Yep, that takes talent. And some crazy antics from the daddy's/uncles behind the camera. Whatever it takes!
More silliness.
Grandparents and all the grandkids. Well, except the one on the way. That would have been a little weird to have my belly hanging out on the side. Hee. Hee.
And if you go down the row, this is what you get.
Ok, so here is the trick. We promised the kiddos if they sit still and took good pictures they could spank Uncle Mike. Again, whatever it takes. I heart Philip as he gets these awesome candid shots that really show you how we "behave."
More of the NC Hills. I love this one below. I wish our family would have done something similar. It is a great shot.
And my SIL has to-die-for-eyes. Gorgeous!
The Clawsons. I love this one, too!!
This is probably the picture with the funniest story. So, remember the ones at the top of this post.. the ones where Brandon wasn't so happy? Well, it is all because of this school bus. You see the boys are working on potty training and this was Brandon's prize for pooping in the potty. Yep, kind of a big deal. He had a grip on this thing for a week. BUT Meg didn't want it in every picture (I can't really blame her) Philip was great and got a picture of Brandon and his school bus. Again, we all have the memory of the potty school bus and this picture will trigger that memory for years to come. Oh, and see that picture above of the three Clawson kids? Guess what is in Brandon's back pocket... Yep, the school bus. Whatever it takes, folks!
I think this is adorable. Even if Campbell is a little grumpy. It was getting close to lunchtime. Who can blame her?
The NC Hills and a little more arm blowing.

Mah and Dah with their kiddos.
More grandparents and all the grandkids.
And the parents of all these crazy kiddos.
It was Mike and Meghan's Anniversary so they got some shots of just the two of them. I think they are adorable. And they look halfway rested for having all those kiddos :)
We had the photoshoot in downtown Fayetteville. Around the square there are some cool rocks and a little waterfall. Philip got some great candid shots of all the kids just hanging out.
I will cherish these photos for years to come. I love to compare from year to year. These pictures will hang in the hallway of my home along with the ones from years past. I often catch myself just staring at them, completely amazed by how these kids have grown. Next year we will do it all again, adding another little one to the mix.

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