Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hillapalooza 09

So while Brad, Michelle, Brady and Sydney were here we decided to have a Hill family photoshoot. note: this has never been done before and with 7 kiddos we knew it was probably going to be a challenge. But with a great photographer (novo studios) and even better kids we did great!! These pictures were taken on the UofA campus and outside Ella's restaurant.

Below is the entire crew. As you can see there are a TON of us. Now you know why there are only a few restaurants we are brave enough to visit.

Back: Cameron, Jackson, Jim, Brad, Mike, Ben, Ryan
Middle: Marcy, Rhonda, Michelle, Meghan, Brandon, Teresa, Chaz
Bottom: Sydney, Brady, Anna
Mah, Dah and all the grandkids.

Brady with the boys--Brandon and Benjamin.
Mike and I dancing to make the kids laugh. It worked!
Sydney, Ben, Brady, Ben, Anna and Chaz (looking at Mike and I being silly!)
the kids being silly and Jackson trying to make a quick escape!
Our sweet Anna.
I think this picture is hilarious! Phillip is such a great candid photographer.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture
The Hill siblings--Brad, Meghan, Ryan and Cameron. What is funny is they stood in birth order. We didn't even plan it!

Marcy Jackson and Cam
The Clawsons.. Brandon, Mike, Anna, Meghan and Ben (he would not turn around!)
Chaz did not want to sit still so we would toss him up in the air and tell Phillip to "be ready" He caught this awesome candid shot of us kidding around.
and he followed it with one of the best shots of the three of us (sad that it takes a professional photoshoot to get a picture with me in it!)
and the North Carolina Hills.. aka Brad, Sydney, Brady and Michelle.
Phillip thought it would be cool if we got some pictures of everyone running. It started off very scripted with everyone running in a line and ended with chaos that made for some excellent shots.

All i could think after seeing these was 1) they turned out FANTASTIC and 2) we MUST do a photoshoot with the Wrights (my side of the family)

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