Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memorial Day weekend 2011

Memorial Day weekend is thought of as a time for family, cookouts, sunshine, pools and lots of laughs. However, it is important to remember why we celebrate this holiday. It isn't just a "free" day off and actually it is nothing of the sort. This day comes to us at a huge cost. The ultimate cost. We must all be sure to remember the troops who didn't return, the families who lost their loved ones and the pain that they will always hold. I would give this day, as well as any other day, back if all of our troops could have returned home safely. And if you want a way to give back, to do something here.. God Bless you all!!
We decided to head to my parents house for the weekend--food, fam, pool--can't really beat it! Per a suggestions from my cousin we decided to head to the Bentonville splash park. It was a little odd because when we arrived nobody was there.. and the water wasn't spraying. I really thought I was going to have to tell my little guy that this wasn't happening. But no. It soon began. Chaz was a little reluctant to get in the sprayers But thankfully he has a daddy that loves to have a good time and doesn't mind getting a little wet. or a lot wet :)the next few are a little blurry but you know my philosophy.. blurry=fun!A quick pit stop for Daddy's Dr Pepper.. (usually not acceptable--BTW)
My favorite thing Baby feet.
NOW we are having fun!!! Again, fun blur!
He decided he needed to rest. He will turn to me, huff and say "Momma, I need a little rest." Cutie pie!!

Daddy is super silly!!!
And Chaz decided to steal Daddy's hat to soak it. He thought he was HILARIOUS!!! "Daddy here is your hat. It isn't wet. HA!!"
After a nap it was time to swim!! Well, fish. In the pool. I know. I know. We do what we can. I will say he is an excellent caster!
Look at that white belly.
He also found it very fun to tease the dogs. He would cast out the lizard-like thing and reel it in to taunt the dogs. It was fun for about 30-45 minutes. Good stuff.
The next day the family joined us for the festivities. The chaos of wrestling/dunking/water dumping took over very quickly.
The boy was right there in the middle of all the nonsense. He had a blast. He is fearless, especially with this little jacket. Note: This is actually part of his swimsuit from last year but he has now decided it is his "life jacket" as the rest of the swimsuit is now too small.
He decided he wanted to layout like his momma.
Kelsey got a scooter for her birthday, so Ryan just had to take it for a spin. I just knew a hospital visit was in our future. But no. He came back in one piece.
Then we headed out back for a little campfire and S'mores. Chaz had to take some time for the swing set.
and give Kelsey a little push.
S'mores time! Chaz was so excited, although he had no clue what he was excited about. All he knew was he was going to the fire with the rest of the people. I passed mom the camera so I could prove I actually got to enjoy the weekend festivities. Chaz decided he wanted a picture with me and dad. He said "Gaga, take a picture like this" Note: His cute little hand holding onto his Papa.Chaz wasn't terribly interested in the total s'more combo but he loved all the makings of the s'more. Kyle was just waiting for him to drop some graham crackers. Although he had no plan to eat the s'more, he had a great time making them. I have to say I kinda agree with him. I would much rather make them than eat them. I know, I am weird.
My husband decided that after decades of s'more making he was going to find a better way to melt the chocolate. I guess he thought the marshmallow shouldn't be doing all the work. So, this is what he came up with....brilliant, right?
still looking like a good idea? Yep.
and then the inevitable happened.. Fail.
As you are well aware, we tend to celebrate our birthdays in groups. May is no different. We have Kelsey, Teddy and Ryan's birthdays. Why not celebrate them all together on Memorial Day weekend? Everyone is already here!

Kelsey wanted a hermit crab (or human crab, as Chaz says) so we decided that is what we would get her. Chaz loved picking them out. We started with the "big blue one" and a "Lightening McQueen" but when Ryan went to checkout he discovered McQueen was "expired." So, we opted for option #3..Superman. Chaz loved them and had to show them to everyone who came in the door. He was even brave enough to pick them up!!
A birthday cake for the birthday peeps!
and the group blow out. No, it is not Chaz's birthday but as you noticed in some previous posts the little ones always end up in the middle.
Happy birthday to all my birthday peeps! I hope you guys had as good as a time as I did. I love spending time with my family and this weekend was no different. The meaning behind this holiday is humbling. It makes me appreciate what I have. All families have their quirks and we are all a little crazy but no matter what I still love you all!!

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