Monday, May 23, 2011

Fletcher is FIVE!!!

Literally right after Campbell's birthday party we headed across town to celebrate Fletcher's 5th birthday. We will do this every year as their birthdays are just one day apart.

I cannot believe this little guy is 5. 5!!!
He was beside himself with excitement. I understand, I love my birthday, too!!

Fletcher is an extremely funny kid. He has an awesome personality and is always looking to make you giggle. He has a gift!

And then it was "go time." We brought Jackson with us for the fun. There was simply no reason for him to miss out! We gave the kiddos tokens and let them run wild. I am sure all you moms figured out by now that my ultimate goal is an UBERnap!
After a little playing they herded us back to the table for pizza, cake and celebration time. At this point I could see the energy level quickly decreasing in the two little three year-olds I was in charge of.. Oh my!
Chuck E Cheese came out to greet the birthday boy (my little one quickly retreated to my lap with a tight grip around my neck--he wasn't having it!) Fletcher love it and quickly hammed it up for the camera.. Shocker!Jackson wanted in on the action and wasn't scared at all!and then it was time for my favorite part. If if is you birthday they put you in this cylindar that is like a ticket vortex! It is so, so cool. Sally and I decided that if Fletcher could catch the tickets and stuff them in his shirt he would be much better off. Unfortauntely, our instructions were misinterpreted. Fletcher didn't understand the "stuffing" part of the instructions. Instead he opened his shirt with the hopes that the tickets would make it in on their own free will. Hilarious!

We had such a good time at Fletcher's birthday.

Fletch~We love you to pieces! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and Chaz is super blessed to have you as a big "brother."

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