Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Little boys are a hoot!"

Well, I figure I better get this posted as Cooper Dickson will be joining the world tomorrow afternoon. I am literally beside myself with excitement. We adore his mommy and daddy so I am sure we won't be able to get enough of this new little guy.

It is probably no surprise to anyone that I love to throw showers. In particular, baby showers. I was lucky enough to have a bunch of help for this one. My mom, Kate and Geri were all hostesses with me. We had such a great time planning, cooking and decorating. Now I will say the decorating is easier for girls but it is just as fun for a boy. I picked the owl because it matches Cooper's bedding. If you have seen some of the past showers you will know I try to decorate in things the mommy can take home and use. I mean why buy stuff that is just going to be thrown away??

Some of the staples.... Framed invitation with a tag for the diaper bag.
Diaper cake. However, this one was super special because my mom and Meme made the burp cloths (I think we made 17 total.. I know!) The dotted one in the middle is a burp cloths as is the topper. Super cute, huh??The clothesline is also a staple. This one was a little extra special as it had a "Daddy. Est 2011" shirt for Mike.
And a special burp cloth made by me.. Yep, me. I know. I am a little shocked myself. I really don't think Destiny believed me when I told her I made it. I still don't think she does.
Although, we have had some very cute cakes over the years I have decided that cupcakes are the way to go. Everyone can eat as they wish and nobody has to be the dreaded "cake cutter."
We had some vases filled with some of Destiny's favorite candy. Skittles, Rolos, health bars, Reeses and Baby Ruth bars. I bought some clear bags and put these cute black and white baby photo stickers on them. The guests were free to fill the bags as they liked with some of the yummy treats.
Who is this little guy? Well, he is a Scentsy buddy. They are super soft and carry a little Scentsy pouch in their back.
One of the tables. Lots of cupcakes, vases of candy and flowers. Oh, and the table clothes were receiving blankets.
Then it was time to open. *note: somehow the flash was not turned on for this set of pictures so they are terrible quality but I had to post them, they are all I have!!
Mommy (Destiny) and Daddy (Mike) They were hilarious when opening. They would say "Oh cute wash clothes" I would lean over and whisper "receiving blankets" I remember how confused I was at Chaz's shower.. Receiving blankets? Swaddlers? Burp rags? WHAT??
And then it was time.. Payback time. You see when I was pregnant with Chaz, Destiny, Christy and Sally threw me a shower. Instead of games about me they decided to feed Ryan baby food. So, it was Mike's turn. Instead of blindfolding him (like they did to Ryan) I decided to put ribbon around the label. I don't know if it is worse to see it or not!
I love this one. Mike is looking at D like "Did you know about this? Were you in on this???" For the love of my dear friend, I plead the fifth. ;)
I don't think he was overjoyed about what was about to happen.
Kate was the lucky one who got to dish out the nastiness.
and more... Mike's dessert consisted of ham & apples, mac & cheese, peas and bananas. He didn't like any of them. Shocker.
We also played the "guess the size of the belly game." Everyone got a piece of string and had to cut it to length they thought Destiny's belly circumference measured. Collier and Jason thought they would be super funny and make a VERY long string. Glad Destiny thought it was funny :)
The boys were WAY more into the game then I could have every predicted. There were some really good guesses but in the end Julie was the winner. Which really isn't that surprising. She is the girl who went on The Price is Right, won a trip to Jamaica off the radio and numerous other contests. She is amazing. All in all I think it was a great shower. Everyone seemed to have a great time!
Congrats to the Lane's! I cannot wait to meet your little guy tomorrow (or whenever you give this super anxious aunt the green light to come see him)
Lots of prayers and well wishes coming your way. Chaz says he can't wait to meet Cooper baby. He may just be more excited than I am....Nah....... :)

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