Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Entering 2011 with a bang!

Or maybe a jump. I was off work the Monday after New Year's and Chaz's daycare was closed so ....we decided to live it up! We went to the wonderful world of Boingo Bounce! You have seen a few posts about this place.. like this one.. and that one. So, you know how much I heart this place. I was also able to introduce My Friend Sarah and her little guy Colt to the wonderfulness of this place. From the moment we entered this place the kiddos just went wild!!as did the adults!! You really can't help but take off your shoes and join in the fun. It really is just THAT much fun!
When Chaz crawled into one of the bounce houses I followed him (of course) but he was NOT happy with me --or my camera --coming in after him. At first he just told me to leave.. "Momma, don't follow me. I in here by myself"
And then he got very irritated... Of course, I just continued to take pictures.. HA!
as I was taking this beauty he lost his balance and fell into me. My camera caught my eye/cheekbone--I swear I should have had a killer black eye. It hurt for days! He quickly said "I sorry, you ok!" Note: that exclamation point is intentional as this is not a "Are you ok?" -- very concerned question.. It is a "You ok!" -- I am telling you that you are fine, get up and shake it off. He is a very funny 3 year-old.
Here is when I followed him into the bounce house. He knew I was filming and wanted to sit down and watch it.

Up and down the slide.
What is this? Well it is NOT a bounce house, obviously. It is a little plastic house in the back corner. I actually think it is meant for the younger siblings who come to Boingo. But not this day. NO! It was for our sweet 2 and 3 year-old little boys. They actually decided it was "Walmart." Yes, this is what they told me. I couldn't make that up. What do they sell at this Walmart you may ask?? Little pink and blue plastic rocking horses. Three of each color to be exact and yes, they do ALL fit in the Walmart with the kiddos. Oh my!!It was fun to see the little differences between these two. There is a little over a year difference in age with Chaz being older. The biggest one was that Colt was very well behaved just soaking it all in and Chaz.. well let's just say he likes to be brave and push the limits...I am pretty sure you are not suppose to be on TOP of the tunnel netting..
The other difference was the excitement Colt showed. Now, if you look back to the first time we came here you will remember Chaz's "wicked eye" that was caused by shear excitement. Colt suffered from happy feet -- sometimes so much so that he would literally trip over himself-- and the permagrin--shown below in full forces. I honestly could not stop giggling at these two!!
They did have a few calm moments, such as playing with the puzzle on the wall.
The brief, but necessary, time out with my little one. Yes, he is behind the couch. I do what I must.
And then it was BACK ON!!! Insanity I say! You know if a kid comes out in a total blur, it is a moment of pure bliss.
and we have this classic shot .. What? You don't see the kids? Yeah, that is because I was too slow or they were too fast! Either way, I think it is hilarious.
Thank goodness Sarah had her camera on the right setting (I thought I did... fail!) I love that they became best-of-buds so fast!
Time to go with Momma. I told you it is simply impossible not to play along!!

As if the 6 large bouncy things weren't enough, Chaz decided to use his dad as a slide. HA!
Chaz tried to go back to "Walmart" but Colt had other ideas.. He literally reached in and drug Chaz out of the "store"
And boy did he know what he was talking about!! Now let me say, it doesn't take much to wrangle my husband into silliness or things-you-shouldn't-do-but-will-probably-be-fun-so-you-do-them-anyways. Remember those rocking horses from "Walmart?" Well the boys got two and decided to race, with Ryan being the engine, of course. I mean really, could those smiles get ANY bigger??
Then Ryan had the bright idea to combo them up. I think it was actually easier on him. I won't mention that they wrecked after the second ride but got up with those same ear to ear grins. Yep, I won't mention that.
I won't mention that they kept begging for "one more ride!!" Yeah, I won't mention that.I won't mention that Colt had to take over while Ryan was resting his old man legs. Yep, I won't dare mention that!
And then he was back with a vengeance!! LOOK AT THOSE FACES!!! I don't care that the camera actually focused on my husband's leg, remember blurriness is one of my criteria for a "total bliss" picture. I don't care that you can only see 1/2 my son's face, you can see his happiness from space. This to me is a perfect shot!
Want to see all this nonsense in motion? Lucky for you!
Thank you My Friend Sarah and little Colt for joining us. It was a blast!!!

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  1. Love it! Love it! We had such a good time. We need to make a 2nd date for our munchkins.

    also -- I'm likin' the new blog look. Cute!