Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jackson is three!!

Total for the NWA Hills kids is now: 1-4 year-old, 2- 3 year-olds, 2-2 year olds and a 6 month old. WOW!! So to celebrate this newly turned 3 year old we all headed to his party at Boingo Bounce. What a great place to have a party! Everyone in, take off shoes, play for an hour, time for cake/presents and out the door you go. They have it down to a science!
These kiddos knew the drill.
Some of my pictures are a little blurry! HA! Enjoy the below as they are hilarious. The kids just went nuts! I don't even think you can imagine the noise level unless you were lucky enough to witness it in person.
Chaz felt the need to hug the giant blow up palm tree.
Sid was just dying to give Jackson a hug.. She tried the entire time to track him down and hug him.... finally she came over to me and asked for help. I escorted her to him and he obliged.The littlest ones were over on the side playing in their own little area. Every time I see Turner and Campbell I think about that movie "Look Who's Talking" I just wonder if they are having their own little conversation that we are not privy to, love it!!
Even the adults went a little crazy. Cameron was swinging Jackson by his ankles and, although I didn't get a picture, the other boys were a little wild as well. Mike, Ryan, Izzy, JB and Cameron were basically playing dodge ball when the kids would emerge out of the big blowups. I think they were sweating more than the kiddos. They are simply kids at heart!Ryan was tossing the ball around Turner and getting him to laugh. He was just cracking up. Ryan tends to have this affect on kids :)
And then it was time for cake. Jackson was memorized at all the people looking at him and singing. He was just smiling and looking at us all like "yes, you are my people!" HA! Chaz decided to use the toothpick decoration as a fork. What an odd child?!? Look at the sweat on this kid! He is a mess, but he had a blast. I think he may end up having curly hair like his momma.
Dazed.....and a mess
Well, I guess the toothpick fork wasn't working as planned. So he went in for the kill!and the younger one followed his lead.
There was a moment in the party room where we were all just sitting and resting while the kiddos were eating cake. I looked down and saw Chaz's shoes on like this... the wrong feet. I looked at Lindsay and said "That is odd, he never puts his shoes on the wrong feet" This is just something that Chaz didn't struggle with. Meghan pipes in and said "Well, the other day Mike put two right shoes on one of the boys!" I said " Maybe Mike put Chaz's shoes on!" I was just kidding when I said it but as soon as it came out of my mouth I thought... Hmmmm, maybe I will ask him. I did and come to find out he DID put Chaz's shoes on, HA!!!
and then Sid wanted to give Chaz hugs, she is such the hugger! Ryan decided that she should sit on Chaz's shoulders.. They both do not look thrilled.. After Boingo Bounce we went to Tim's Pizza for dinner. The poor people there had no idea what they were getting into when they ventured out that peaceful Sunday night. We had approximately 15 adults and 9 children. We made it a madhouse. How exactly are you to control all the children when they just came from Boingo Bounce and have eaten at least one cupcake each?!?!? Give them cake, of course! Oh my, what a loooooooooooooong night we were in for!
I asked the boys to give a hug for the camera and this is what I got. Basically more of a "lean in" vs. a hug.. Oh well, I will take it!
and I actually got a picture of all the kiddos (minus the 6 months or less ones) Ben, Brandon, Anna, Eli, Jackson, Chaz and Solomon. Now, let it be known that I fully realize not a SINGLE one is looking at the camera but the fact that they are all in the same shot is a HUGE accomplishment in my eyes!
and now... the creme de la creme! At first glance you may think it is simply another shot of all the kids..but no. This is what I affectionately refer to as--The Trifecta! From left to right you will notice Ben--obviously in hysterics, Brandon--finger placed firmly in his nose and Anna--eyes closed, tongue out and finger in the month.. Yes folks, that is my Trifecta!Happy birthday Jackson! You are such a sweet and wonderful little boy. You have a smile that will light up a room and give hugs worth a million dollars. We love you to pieces!!

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