Saturday, November 20, 2010

October iPhone Randomness

My goal for next month is to roll "randomness" and "iPhone fun" into one giant ball of randomness. But for now I am not quite there yet. So, here is your does of iPhone October fun! ENJOY!!
We begin with a trip to Bikes Blues and BBQ.. with our sad attempt at a late afternoon mohawk. Poor kid. He ended up looking more like a Who. Let's just say it is easier to master the hawk in the morning before a full day of school.
My sweet boys cuddled up in the morning. Probably watching one of three things -- Handy Manny, Phineas and Ferb or Mickey Mouse clubhouse. We kind of have a routine, shocker!
His first "real" puzzle. "Real" Puzzle -noun: a jigsaw puzzle not made of extremely thick wood and does not have a wooden base to place the puzzle pieces within. 100+ pieces
Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE our neighborhood? It is up on a beautiful hill with absolutely amazing views. It is quite and serene. AND on any given day there are anywhere from 5-10 deer just randomly walking around the neighborhood. This day was one of those daysOne of the best little spots in Fayettville is Hammontrees. They have gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, it sounds odd but trust me it is a little piece of heaven.
I am just like most mothers and have a deep fear of accidents in parking lots. I am terrified that some moron is going to come flying through the parking lot and my little guy will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. SO I am a bit crazy about holding hands or carrying him. One day when he was shopping with his dad, Ryan told him "Parking lot rules" (which means hold hands) Ryan went to grab his hand and this is what he saw.....Chaz said "I hold hands, I hold my own hand!" He is a smart one!Ever since I was pregnant with Chaz I have started to notice bad parkers. I think this stems from the struggles to get in and out of a car with a big ol' belly! Anyways, I walk out of the mall to one of the best parking spots on the lot, but next to one of the worst parkers in the world. Geez!
Many nights this is my view. My sweetpea curled up next to me. Now that it is getting cold outside we don't have nights outside. So I have started giving in to T.V. time. Not a ton of it, but just enough to keep him happy.
Typical Saturday. Me: "Chaz what does a Razorback say?" Chaz: "Whoo Pig Sooie!! Go Hogs!"
I am sure everyone has had a kiddo that latched on to an odd "toy" Chaz had a small box that he called his "house" for months and months about a year ago. It was called "house" because there was a picture of a house. It was beyond odd. Once that one went away he developed a love for the "pumper" The "pumper" as you can see is a small plastic pump. Some days he carries this thing everywhere. He even latches onto it when he falls asleep in the car.. Hee hee!
My kiddo is 3. I have no clue why I buy anything other than black or brown clothes. Why you may ask? Well, it would be smart of me to do so as this, THIS is how he comes home from school. AGH! Thank goodness for Tide Stain release and Biz. I was actually able to get this thing clean without help from outside sources (aka Meme)
Many days I will get random pictures from Ryan. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. He was getting ready to take Chaz to school, came around the corner and saw this....why wouldn't you use Pringles for dominoes?? Look at the grin on his face. How could you not be proud of this kid?Dinner for Dah's birthday. Chaz was SO excited to sing "Happy Birthday" to Dah!
Before we left the house Chaz decided to get Dah a present. Note: we had his birthday dinner the weekend before and gave Dah a group gift but my little 3 year-old didn't understand it. SO he wanted to create his own present for Dah. He went into the closet where I keep gift bags, grabbed a wine style gift bag and started filling it with items from our house. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the stuff in the bag. I will try my best to list them. 4 punch balloon balls (as seen below) 2 bubbles, 2 bouncy balls, 1 pair of butterfly kids glasses, 1 pair of regular kids glasses, 1 sheet of stickers, 1 balloon weight that looks like a present and 2 heart shaped bracelets. I think I got everything. Needless to say it was pretty hilarious and Dah loved everything in the bag.
One night Ryan went out with some friends, so Chaz and I stayed home and watched a movie. I LOVED every moment of this evening!!Sacked out!!I had to get a picture of our little Halloween Buzz Lightyear so I could text it to my Dad who was in Kuwait at the time. One of my favorite parts of Halloween?? The day after sale. We let Chaz go into the store and pick out anything he wants. It is 80% off so we figure he can't do much damage. This year we came home with a construction hat and a light saber.

Happy random October!!!!!

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