Sunday, September 15, 2019

Chaz is TWELVE // 9.2019

Did he actually turn 12 a few days ago? Yes. Am I LITERALLY years behind on my blog? Also yes *face palm* BUT do I NEEEEEED to boast on and celebrate this kiddo? A HUGE yes on that one!!

This guy. He is so special to us! He made us a mom and dad. He showed us how to (try--still learning here) be selfless. He showed us that the world, indeed, does not revolve around us. He showed us what it means to love someone SO much that it physically hurts sometimes. He is just freakin' amazing!

Note: with all this amazingness, he does have an attitude of a soon to be teenager. He can grind on my every nerve. He can piss me off to the nines. He may need a swift ass kickin' every once and a while. He gets grounded. He runs laps for his mouth and sass. He listens about as well as every other twelve year-old on the planet. Just keeping it real, peeps. I love him something fierce but this is still real life of a twelve year-old's momma.

But gosh is he handsome!!
He was a beautiful baby! He was pretty easy on me every step of the way. We had our bouts with the witching hour but other than that, he was pretty phenomenal. Did I mention he started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks? Don't be too jealous, his brother certainly made up for it 😂
These two young bucks seriously had zero clue what they were doing. Z.E.R.O.

He loves his family something fierce! It isn't always easy as this family/house is FULL of personalities and opinions. We are constantly on the go, always into something but really living every moment to the fullest!

He loves him. Really he does. We are in the "stage" where they constantly pick and fight and one day I may just jump on a plane to Tahiti but we are surviving. I am fairly certain my brother and I fought the majority of our lives, still do, but I wouldn't trade him for the world. And neither would these two!
He loves his family! ALL of them! There are so many people in this big ol' fam of ours and he loves each and every one of them so very much! He loves to talk everyone's ears off, he loves to have any one/one time he can, he loves his cheering squad at any and all sporting events and he is just such a fan of them all!!

Oh and he LOVES babies... especially this one!

And he loves his pups. I did tell you we had a LOT going on, right? BAHAHAHA!
He could eat this entire thing in one sitting if I let him!
He loves his momma and asked to start doing this! I love him growing up but he can just stop now 😭
He will still snuggle up on my lap when he gets a second...and I will let him any time he asks!
He loves his friends! He tends to make friends with everyone he knows and genuinely cares for each and every one of them!
He loves Chicago! He finally got to go to Wrigley this year ...and met the owner of the Cubs. What what?!?!?!   He was on cloud nine! I am just waiting for the day he asks me if he can go live with Aunt Destiny and Uncle Mike!
This year he has become even more adventurous! He will basically do anything we put in front of him!
He got his back flip this year and is very proud of himself. Now I see this everywhere - the pool, the foam pits, the trampoline!
He started LOVING steak this year and even helps cook them with his Papa!
He got to go see his Hogs play in the College World Series with his dad, cousin and BFF! I do think it was a trip he will remember forever!
He went on fishing trips with his Papa and his Uncle Shane. Again, memories forever!!
His daddy convinced him to run several random races!
He is not anxious or scared to get up on stage in front of his grade and be super goofy with some friends!

I mean he did make TV in a weird Forrest Gump stalking moment. BAHAHA! One of my favorites of the year!
He is ok with me making jokes about school pictures that look like glamour shots! He said the other pose options were WAY worse. We got a good giggle!
I mean this really isn't our first rodeo with silly school pictures. Thank you Chaz for giving me so many little nuggets of gold!

                                "The Gary Sinise"                                        "The Dracula"
He still sits through this and has yet to tell me he doesn't believe in this jolly ol' man. Although, in my broken momma heart, I know he doesn't anymore.
He still steals my phone and takes selfies. All.the.time.
And embraces his goofy side! He totally gets this from his daddy.
 Seriously, he is funny as hell!
Ok, fine.. I can be goofy too!
And takes it in stride when he is the one we are chuckling at! 
He enjoys my (sometimes possibly forced) traditions! Such as last-day-of-school snowcones.
He still lets his little brother sleep, and snuggle, with him.
And I still think he is one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen in my life.
And he can crash out in a car in about 10 seconds flat... He gets this from his momma!
He is an excellent student and his teachers adore him! I am not sure he has ever brought home a "B" but he never really brings it to my attention. I love that he simply loves school, is super curious and loves to learn!
He is this 100%! He really is a kind person. He has a heart of gold. He treats people as he would want to be treated, except his momma sometimes but time will get us over that hurdle. Or so my momma tells me.  But overall, he is a nice human. He is a WONDERFUL human.
Just a little glimpse from this year.

Miracle League with his baseball team. He can't stop talking about this and asking when he gets to do it again! Soon, buddy! Very soon!
From the time he was a baby, he always places the wreaths for Wreaths Across America. He makes sure my Papa, my cousin and so many other have wreaths. He makes sure they are properly place, salutes them all and memorizes names so he can learn about them later. He is a good American!
He is often seen pulling up the neighbor's trash bins. Unprompted and thankless, which is key.
Oh but he certainly lives up to this one!
He loves sports. All sports. He loves to be active. He loves to work. He loves to challenge himself. He loves the teamwork. He loves making friends through sports. He seriously loves it all.
He even got to be the Ball Hog and got a signed basketball!
And his favorite. Baseball. He loves EVERYTHING baseball!! I am so proud of how much he has a player, as a kid, as a human. This age is hard. So many hormones, so many emotions, so much work, so much push... all of it is so hard! BUT he has certainly come out on top. He has realized how he carries himself is a reflection on him, which is really hard for a 12 year-old to comprehend. He knows he is harder on himself than any coach, parent or teammate ever will be. He also understands that there will be a TON of baseball games. You do your best, with the best attitude and effort possible.. and then, no matter the outcome, you move forward and grow. Always growing. Always grinding. Always working.
He can lay down a bunt like it is nothing. When asked, this is certainly a job he can do!

Some days he is a cool as a cucumber.
He loves to pitch. He can close it out like nobody's business.
He sticks out his tongue when he pictures... which I LOVE!
And on this day. He went big. He pitched a no hitter!!!
And the game after that, they won in the Championship game. And he had the winning catch! Momma's heart exploded with pride. NOT in this one weekend. NOT in the game before. NOT in this final play. BUT in the fact that he is growing, he is understanding and he is working his skinny little tail off! (right field!)
AND all he wanted to do was celebrate with his teammates! He certainly understands it takes everyone. Another growth moment! Something that, again, isn't the easiest to teach your children.

He is something else. We ask a lot of him. But he rises to the occasion and I could not be more proud!
And he has these dimples and this smirk.... Lord am I in trouble!!
Did I mention he LOVES baseball?!?!
And I would be missing something if I didn't talk about his fantastic 12th birthday.. I mean the actual day!   We came off a rough Saturday at the ballpark. His game was off, his attitude was off, everything was just OFF.  But, roll into his actual birthday on Sunday... and he was golden!

Like a spark went off in my boy and he remembered his job, his attitude and what it was all about! I could not be more proud!
He ran the based like it was easy. Lightening fast, smart running and listening every step of the way!
They beat the first team 8-2. And then beat an amazing team of their friends! It was a hard game but they opened the gates at the very end and ended up 6-2. And they pulled out the Championship win! They ended the final game 14-5. So hard fought, so much teamwork, so much grit, so much fun!!
I am pretty sure these coaches... and all the parents, family and friends, are SO proud of them!
He got the game ball!
He loves his coach and his coach's kiddo!
And those teammates and friends! Golden!
Even giving some BIG birthday hugs!
And this one who can't make a normal face! We love you, O!
Friends, friends and friends!
And the fam was there too! I didn't get a picture of Meme and Sandra but they were there for the majority! His brother bailed after the first game because of his football game but he was very proud too!
We love you and are so proud of you, kiddo!
I hope you are forever you. Please just keep being YOU! You are kind, you are smart, you are generous, you are compassionate, you are THE good in this world!!

What I wish I could tell my twelve year-old self.! People are going to love you, people are going to not like you. You will achieve great things, you will fail. You will hit a home run, you will strike out (or in my case-- you will nail a routine, you will split the beam.) You will love, you will suffer loss. You will have an abundance of friends-- keep the good ones, don't stress over the bad ones. Don't chase your friends, be a good person and the right ones will want to be around you. Treat others with kindness and compassion, at all times. Don't be guilty by association, hang out with the good kids and do good things. Strive to do your best in everything you do, not BE the best.. that is different and not the expectation. Have emotions, it is ok. But learn to curb them when it is needed.  Help others, always.  Listen to people when they need to talk, when they need you to listen and need your love. Always believe there is more good in this world than evil. BE the GOOD! Love Jesus and God wholeheartedly! Love your family, they will be here with you forever. Cherish your grandparents while you have them! They are irreplaceable. You are amazing! You are a blessing! YOU are one of a kind. Keep being awesome!

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