Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jumprope for heart // 2016

Just like last year we are jumping for hearts again. Chaz loves this event but stresses every year in fear he won't be picked to perform. He is a pretty good jumper so he got in again this year!

See that guy. What? You can't see him. BAHHAHA! Neon. Always.
Sweet Ella looking on. If you look closely in the bottom right you can see my mohawk little dude.
Sweet girl was a little bummed that she wasn't jumping
But before you knew it, she was all smiles. Those dimples. Swoon.
Captain crazy pants and his daddy were sent to the other side to watch. He was completely wild this day. Poor Mr Kirk was getting beat up by our little while the hubs was on his phone. What a cluster!!
Yes, he has a tie and a Captain America hat on... oh and red pants, can't forget the red pants. His daddy dresses him!
Ethan getting in on the fun!
Lemley was up to jump. She looks a little nervous.
BUT she killed it!!
And then it was time for the neon kid.
Rhett and Jaxson. I am impressed by the teamwork. I would be on the floor wrapped in the rope. HA!
Elli was ready. Such a cutie!
And then Jaelyn. Yes, that is a Pogoball. OMG. I can't even do those things without the jump rope!!
I am seriously so impressed!!!
I love his face in these!!
These kids could be in the circus. SO impressive!!
And Little Hudson. Love this kiddo!!
Neon dude is back (unfortunately, the lighting is a mess. As you could probably see with some of the background of the last few pictures, the sun was HARSH this morning and by the time Chaz was back around, the lighting was terrible!! Oh well, at least he glows :)
I love this kid! He did a fantastic job and I think the mohawk helped!!
Sophie's turn! She was SO nervous but just like the others, she killed it!!
And Turner. Have I mentioned how much I love all of these kiddos? I mean I am so proud of each and every one of them! They make me smile!!
And the award for the tallest mohawk goes to.......CHAZ!! I know, he is adorable!!
And my little artist's poster was hung in the gym for all to see. He was so proud!
Another successful JumpRope for Heart! I can't wait to see what they do next year!!!

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