Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jumpin' for hearts // 2015

And then it was time for the Annual Jumprope for heart at Happy Hollow. I love being able to see my boy and his friends raise money for this great cause!! They start with the kindergartners and then move their way up through the grades.

Little Hud. This kid just melts me! He is a doll!
And yes, I have no shame bringing my big camera and my long lens into the gym to get gems like this one! I would have gotten and even better one if I REALLY had no shame and stood in front of people but I figured that was a little rude. HA! Love the tongue! HA!
Next up, Neonboy... aka Chaz!
I LOVE this face!!!
Turner and Noah.
I like when someone else's kid is monochromatic. Awesome!!
And they are off! Jumping like crazy people!
Such crazy kids. Such a great morning! Good job, little buddies!!

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