Friday, November 6, 2015

Toyland // 2015

If you don't know about Toyland, you are missing out. The first Friday of November, downtown Bentonville is pure madness......BUT so much fun!!! We missed it last year due to a scheduling snafu on my part... but we did hit it in 2013  2012  2011
He thought this was so much fun!!
This one... well...
 We tried to selfie.
Only from far away.
He was all about it!
Bless my sweet husband for trying!
And then he decides to high five. Of course he does.
And then we had an EPIC meltdown. I had to take pictures to show him how ridiculous he was being. This was all because he didn't want to leave Scooby.
Yep, your parents took you out of school early to attend a cool toy fair.. you should throw a fit.
Look at all of those people. Wow!
This  one just makes me giggle!
And this one is even better!
And this is his mecca.  Avengers, Power Rangers, Super heroes galore!!
And then we found REAL Power Rangers.
Again, the hubs trying to get the cranky baby to play along.
Not happening..
He FINALLY at least looked forward.
And of course he wanted to give high fives AFTER the photo op.
And then he wanted his picture in front of this thing. He thought this was the coolest thing there!
And we found the Paw Patrol guys. Chaz isn't a follower of the show but loves to have his picture taken with characters.
Dane... well, he was just being Dane. We missed nap time and you could tell!
 Note: This is the line we I stood in while the rest of the crew played.
 But he did find his #1 Christmas toy!
And rode in the cool big truck!!
We got to see this cool dude do some tricks.
Precious baby.
Who can cut a look without even trying.
And you just can't go to the square without taking a spin in Mr Sam's mini truck!
Lego creations. He was in awe.
Why wouldn't you do Pie in the Face at a public event??!?!
Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
One of their favorite parts, the ride on cars!

Clearly he was NOT happy this kid climbed in with him. HA!

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