Saturday, November 10, 2012

Toyland //2012

After last year, I knew I wasn't going to miss it this year! Toyland!! Again, lots and lots of local vendors gather at the Bentonville Square and show off the big toys for the holiday season. I headed out a little early, grabbed the hubs/kiddos and headed to the Bentonville square.
As soon as we got there, I realized it had become even more popular over the past year. It was packed! I wish I had a whistle or a crazy hat as I was worried I would lose my fam.  I was shoving the empty stroller through this crowd, I think next year I will just have the kiddos walk, and the sweet hubs was awesome enough to pick them up when I got a little "crowd freaked."
As he was last year, Chaz was all up in the business when it came to the toys. He would wiggle his way right up there with the rest of the kiddos.
So would my "first child" seriously, I have three. This guy will always be a kid at heart. God love him.
This was probably the favorite spot of the day. I mean who doesn't love a Nerf gun?? And the fact that they gave out free little Nerf guns was only an added bonus. Note: said free Nerf gun has now been disposed of as my momma point out that it had the force to take out an eye. Hey Vendors, check that one next year!
The Crayola is also another love. I think we spent the most time in this one. My child is an artist at heart.
Lego obsessed.

He waited for a balloon animal for an unimaginable amount of time. I was floored. Kids were cutting, the artist took a break but this kid just sat and waited. Amazing!!
While brother was waiting, this little cutie took off the play in the leaves with the rest of the kiddos.
A local artist snapped this shot for a contest. How he didn't win, I have NO idea! the other kid must have had some tech people in the family because his "likes" went from 50 to 1000 in a day. Yeah, not so much. Whatever, I'm not bitter ;)
Also while STILL waiting for the balloon, daddy and Dan went to play a toss-the-beanbag-in-a-whole-on-a-board game... one shot. Nailed it!! He won a little rubber duck.
Still waiting, at this point I think he is starting to get a wee bit pissed, but he never said a cross word...the best is I didn't even get a picture of the infamous balloon animal. I think it was sword.
As we were walking out we happened upon these cute little Pillow Racers. Are you kidding me??? How stinkin' cute are these?!?! Definitely on the Christmas list!
Happy Toyland folks. We will 100% be back next year!!!

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