Saturday, October 17, 2015

Picture time!! // Fall 2015

You never really know what you are going to get when the Hills go for family pictures... This time was really no different. Notice the terrified wrinkles on my forehead in the pre-pictures selfie. Ready or not!
Let's talk the attire first. It was Fall. We were going for the change in leaves backgrounds and crisp weather looking pictures. You have to look fall-ish, right?!?! Well, it was 80 degrees that day. We looked like fools and were sweating like nothing else.
You can tell from the rolled up sleeves and the shedding of the vest, this may get interesting.
BUT Stephanie is simply amazing. She has been with us for years and manages our crazy family (Big, Bigger or small)  She is just SO stinkin' good!!
We won't even talk about how hot my poor husband was in the outfit I picked for him!
The kiddos did start to get a little goofy but this is another reason I love Stephanie. She just keeps shooting. Getting the shots that are really our life are priceless.
And then my sweet loves. So precious!
Dane is a bit of a ham and Chaz is SO patient (sometimes..)
From good mood to crummy in about 2.5 seconds flat.
And back again! Seriously, like a moody teenager. Notice Chaz with his perm-a-grin. He is so awesome!
I LOVE this one! LOVE.
Of course he wanted to get in a tree. He is a boy! I don't think this was part of the photoshoot plan but she sure made it work! Adorable!
LOVE! Swoon.
*notice the wink*
He just couldn't stop himself with that wink!
I mean, SUCH the ham! He was on fire and Chaz was just stoic as usual.

This is my screen saver, for obvious reasons.
I can't even. These kids.
Then it was his turn. He loved having the focus on just him for a bit. It is just so hard to be an older brother.
So handsome!
And then it was this guy's turn.. and a turn he took. Just watch this personality. This is ALL him.
And then he got so tickled. This is THE MOST genuine belly laugh ever, complete with the arm fold under the belly. #lovethistoomuch
And then we throw leaves. Note: All of these pictures of him were taken in about 1.5 minutes. He is seriously THAT animated.
And there it is, folks. Up close and personal. #thewink
I love my little family. Just perfection.
Insert Mr Handsome again. Seriously, major swooning. He is for sure model material. (if you know anyone, shot me a message!!)
So good. So, so good!!
Back to Mr Ham.
I MUST get these kids into modeling. Seriously, wouldn't you buy that shirt?? Look at all the cuteness that comes in it!
Stephanie also has the love for b&w. She turns some of her favorites, which quickly become my favorites, before I even mention which ones I love. So good!

And just for fun... The hubs wanted some new, more natural head shots. Stephanie, of course, obliged.
But this is a little bit of real life. Short photographer + tall husband = funny picture from the outside looking in!
She even makes sure to get a few of just us. That never really happens, except for selfies!
So at the very beginning, we said if they were good, we would go to the creek for pictures at the end. Terrible idea. I didn't hear anything except "When can we go to the creek? Can we play in the water? When are we going to the creek???? Can we play?? I wanna go now?? PLEASE?!?!?!" Seriously, shoot me.
Go for it, play.
He was OVER IT. Totally over it.
He didn't care the water was cold, he just liked playing......but only with one pant leg rolled up. Precious.
Please note: We were trying to get more pictures of Chaz but he was d.o.n.e. He was mad because the water was cold. He was mad because his pants got wet. He was just done.  So we just took pictures of the happy one for now.
And then, on the way back.. THIS is a story. Chaz was up ahead. I told him several times to be careful because the rocks crossing the creek were very slippery. He slipped. He was soaking wet and a muddy mess. Once again, Stephanie for the win in capturing real life. I know he isn't smiling but I LOVE this picture.
The hubs was carrying the baby because I just knew if we left him to walk alone, he would take a header, he isn't that coordinated.

Well, the hubs slipped.. The words "Oh Sh!t" came out of his mouth.... and the baby's mouth... about a bajillion times. All the way to the parking lot.... as we passed our friends who were having their family pictures we passed random park goers....and all the way to the car...#parentsoftheyear

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