Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My baby turns FOUR // Dane // 2015

This boy is my rainbow baby -- which btw, I didn't even know was a thing until I went through this

I didn't even know you if you would be an option. I knew I would be ok but I really wanted a sibling for Chaz. You brought me from my lowest time of my life back into happiness. You are SUCH a blessing for this entire family.  

There is so much more to your definition than our rainbow baby but know, that is something very special to us! You are magical, magnificent, hilarious, hilarious, hilarious (yes, that was on purpose) sweet, kind, spunky, sneaky, silly, crazy and so special to us! As much as I boast your awesomeness, you are also ornery, territorial, bossy and sometimes just plain mean. I love every bit that makes you YOU!! And this side smile wink you have, melt my heart!
Just like we start all birthdays!
He begged and begged for it to be his birthday, but when it was actually his birthday... "It is not my birthday!!'
Sweetness. Pure sweetness.
We get a little excited about ChuckECheese in our family!
Could he seriously be any cuter?!?!
We took him to Chuck E Cheese after school, as usual.
Even though he doesn't look very excited.. he is. Promise.
His brother joined us and danced with ChuckE for tickets.
I am pretty sure he played almost every game. He was having a blast, even though he is still sans a smile.

Our favorite thing at the Cheese is the photobooth. I love this kiddo too!!
And a quick game of air hockey! Note, I am not sure why I look HUGE in these pictures. Maybe because I am wearing a sleep shirt. Wait, why am I wearing a sleep shirt in public. I seriously have no idea what happened here. Anyways, Go Cubs!!
He is such the goober!
The ChuckE telephone is always a fav with this little guy.
And then we have to sit in the car and have our picture taken with ChuckE.
SO cute!!
 The result. Gets me every time.
And just a little love for ChuckE.
This would be his ABSOLUTE favorite!!
Pure excitement!
I can't even! BAHAHAHA!!
Showing me the ONE ticket he won. Good job, buddy!
He convinced his Daddy to ride the coaster game.
And brother!
These faces!
Totally on his phone while on the coaster ride. BUSTED!
Before we left we had to do our tradition.
 Love this kid!
 Everything about this is my favorite!

Collect our junk with our 3284038429 tickets.. Good to go!
He chose Feltner's for dinner. YUM!
Part of the "junk" provided great laughs at dinner.
Some special candles for my buddy!
I mean, I didn't get a cake so this was the next best thing.
"Happy Birthday!!"

Why not?! It gave us some peace and quiet for a few minutes.

Selfies with my baby!
My babies.. LOVE THEM!!
I mean.. what a bunch of hot mess!!
Happy birthday, little buddy! You bring us SO much joy! I couldn't imagine life without you!

And, just as I did with Chaz, here are some throwbacks for your viewing pleasure.
Their first meeting. Chaz refused to go home, no matter how late it was, he couldn't leave without seeing his new baby brother.
He was such a site. Getting into this world was no walk in the park but every bit of it was worth it!
Old man face!!
One of my favorite pictures ever!!
This is classic Dane. Just a goofy kid!
And that wink. Melt.my.heart.
Sweet brothers. They don't always get along but they are always there for each other. I hope this never changes.
This was the ONLY shot I cared about. I wanted this one SO bad. It was the last one we took and it was a TON of work but we got it!
Heart is full!
His first Christmas. How precious are they?!?!
Straight passed out in my bed. Did I mention he didn't sleep through the night until he was over two?!?! So this is often the look of my bed, still to this day! *note, his brother slept through the night at 6 weeks.
Precious little dude.
This was likely under his daddy's watch.
We must have had a tie thing going on! So cute!!
One of my favorites. They have a special bond.
And this. Melt.
This is how Chaz used to "help" his brother smile. It still cracks me up!
Ice cream. This was mine, to be clear.
My babies. Always my babies.
Pure sweetness!!
Random evening at the Bentonville square ended up with this cutie in a photo contest!
His smile is to die for! From this to the wink, I just can't get enough of this sweet face.
Yep, there it is again!
Not a fan. Clearly.
Classic Dane. Classic.
He is totally Chaz's mini-me.
And this is apparently how you get a baby to sleep.
He is a little Super Hero obsessed.. Just a little.
That is a smile. That classic smile.
This was crazy outfit day at school and a visit to the dentist. He doesn't usually dress like this. Not that we would tell him no.
Me - "Dane, did you get a hold of the powdered donuts??"
Dane - "mummmmmm..."
Me - "I'm going to take that as a yes"
It was mustache day at school.. Daddy thought this was a good idea... Dane, not so much.
This fad went on for 18 days. 18. Yep, 18.
I love everything about this.
Yes, yes they are!!
That is a smile. Promise. It looks like he is in pain but it is legit.
The Super Hero obsession even mad it into our family pictures. Why not?!?!

I told him not to get wet. He got in the water table. This is him. All.the.time.
I walked into the living room one afternoon and he told me the "Mens tied me up!!" Notice the jump rope around his little feet.
A plate of donuts with sprinkles... in my bed.
Dare devil in a diaper!
This kid nails the school picture thing!
This is how almost ever one of our family pictures turned out. I don't care one bit. It is him.
And this is when you are cracking up so much that you get a GOOD belly laugh! Legit.
My fav.
Another random evening at the Bentonville square that also resulted in these sweet faces being in a photo contest!
 Happy birthday, little buddy! From the first moment I saw you on that screen (this isn't that moment but one of my favorite of one of my MANY ultrasounds-- the pregnancy was FULL of surprises that required many checks on you) , I knew you were going to be spunky and tough. I won't thank you for the 7 months of sickness or the ever so eventful day of your birth

But this.. THIS was worth every bit of it. Your brother was a HUGE help but you brought me into a happy land when so much was so sad. I knew I could continue, I could go on, I could be happy.
And today, YOU are something amazing. You are so much fun, so trying, so silly, so loving, so defiant, so precious. You are YOU! Happy birthday, buddy!

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