Thursday, June 11, 2015

Super kiddos, Super Fun! // 2015

Day before the last day of school, every year. It is a day of fun and sun and water and usually A LOT of mud. Let the fun begin!!

The hubs was in charge of manning this behemoth! He loves this thing because he gets to drench the kiddos. In true hubs form, he refused to let the baby miss this event. I wasn't really on board with the idea but I was overruled.... and Dane was the first one down the slide. He has zero fear!
Chaz opted to head to the tug-of-war with Jackson. He was SO excited for this day and this event in particular!
Not looking so good!
They lost but he didn't make it in the pool so he went for another round and put himself up front. HA! I think know he just wanted to go in the pool.
Still going strong. I think he would have stayed here all day!
I circled back to the giant slide, only to discover the baby was still going strong! HA!
Popsicle time with his buds.

Yep, that is the baby.. still going! I kinda felt bad for some of the kiddos for needing to wait for the little guy to have his turn but they were so good to him!!
He is like a little drunkin' ninja. I love this kid!!
He has no clue this party is not for him. He doesn't have a care in the world!
At least his brother got a turn!
And he got some MAJOR lift! Look at the air under that booty!
Of course, everything turns into a competition. Silly boys! Easton and Chaz are great friends. Such good kiddos!
It got a little slippery towards the end. Please, for your own good, notice Easton's legs in the bottom left corner. HA! I die!!
These kiddos were having an absolute blast!!
More fun! Love these all these kiddos!
Noah has been one of Chaz's BFFs since Kindergarten!
Note to all the Momma's; it is really easy to find your kiddo when he is neon. You.are.welcome!
I love this face. Seriously, LOVE this face! He is such a light!!
That hair! The horns! BAHAHA!!
Elli was a champ on the slide. Here come some of my favorite pics of the day!!
Of course the hubs had to mess with her and get her pretty hair all wet!
That face!
THAT face!!! I can't even!

HA! I love the air that Bo got at the end!
More competition! Rhett and Jackson!
Uh oh! Down he goes!!
But he gets up smiling. Always such the good sport!
Miles and Turner! I love the faces! Especially the hubs.
He is such the big kid!
I love the force in which Turner is running! It cracks me up!
Slipper little thing! HAHAHA!
She is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
And she brought her dance moves. Booyah!
She decided to slide before she ran. That is a little backwards!
She seriously cracks me up! I am well aware she was hamming it for the camera but she is always this funny!
Rhett and Jackson back at it!

SO much fun!!
Were you wondering where the party animal went?? Yeah, he is back!
And cute as hell!
He literally jumped in like it was a swimming pool! He is a riot!
More Popsicle time!!
And a few pictures of the toothless wonder.
He was soaked.
"Raise your hand if you haven't had a turn" =hubs translation for "I haven't been paying much attention to the rules I was given because I like to play like a kid"
Oddly enough,  the small kids listen to the big kid.
Wait, did he actually run out of energy?!?! Nope, just decided he wanted to watch TV.
And when they get bored, they decide to dance around pole.
I spotted a Collister!! I tried all day but it was impossible to catch the girls. Finally, a Sophie sighting! It is like seeing a Sasquatch!
More neon boy!
Yet another Sophie sighting! I promise, that is her!
My other Sasquatch, the even elusive Hudson.
Why wouldn't you pick up rocks with your toes? Chaz thought Turner was cheating because he "has long toes"
Miles gave it a shot too. This looks pretty difficult if you ask me.
Chaz did really good!
Yes! Got her again and a few beautiful shots! She is gorgeous!
Toes. I know these feet stink but I will always love my baby's toes!
Mike TV, still going strong.
I love these kids!  BTW, I never did see Aven. Very elusive!!
He was cold... yet still watching tv.
Back at the tug-of-war! He was determined!
I love this day. Every stinkin' year it is SO much fun! I will never miss it!

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